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ou can start your parenthood journey easily. You just need to choose the right treatment. Infertility conditions are no more problem causing for you. You might think why it is so. Right because you landed on the best place. Because you can the top answer for all your queries related to infertility. As you have selected IVF Nepal.

We whole heartily welcome every person. FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL can be your top place. Since, you can start your journey. And there are no chances to look back. Because, your chances can be fuller. We are based in Nepal for various infertility conditions patients. So, they can have the best fertility treatment. You can choose the top one from several advanced approaches. Our approaches are world-wider famous. These have helped many couples. As they have conceived their healthy baby. Because, many top results in Assisted reproductive techniques are available.

Any person across the globe can choose us. Since, we have several treatments in one place. As we want to meet all your expectation. So, you can have top results. Our approaches are focused on patient satisfaction. Your best infertility treatment in Nepal will have a high success rate. With it, the IVF cost in Nepal is much more suitable. Because, we have top transparency without money-making minds. It makes the budgets more affordable.

You can choose FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL in various infertility conditions. As we welcome every patient facing issue in conception. You will get the best treatment with top techniques and technologies. Besides, it functions by highly experienced fertility doctors. They have top qualifications. And they are well at performing various assisted reproductive techniques. Lastly, the centre wishes to put a smile with top results for every couple. So, they can also have their parenthood.


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What infertility conditions can treat in Nepal?

  • Thanks to advanced technologies, we have treatments for every issue. You can easily access the best process in FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL. Because various methods are available. Top-notch medical science has advanced methods. And its approaches support top pregnancy results. With it, all required methods are available in the best IVF center in Nepal. We are a one-stop location for all your treatments. As we have all infertility treatment approaches. And the best part we have various diagnoses and tests. Because, we know our patients’ comfort during infertility.

    Your following problems can treatment in the best IVF centre in Nepal:

    • As you are not able to conceive naturally the baby. Since, you are trying to conceive for the last 6 to 12 months. But you are failing.
    • You have unexplained infertility. As your test results are normal. But you cannot conceive the baby.
    • You have experienced several miscarriages or pregnancy failure. As your pregnancy result is not becoming successful.
    • The female partner’s ovaries have a problem. As the female has no healthy egg production.
    • Or the female partner has ovulation or periods problems. Because, you have PCOS or PCOD. It affects the period’s regulation and fertility.
    • The male partner has problems with ejaculation or pain around their testicles. And many more issues can help.

What are the advanced options for IVF in Nepal?

01.)            Individual patients care:

We provide top support and care for every patient. You can individual support for the issues. As our entire medical team provides proper attention. We offer treatments without any biases on any basis. As Couples with a low budget can easily access it. It helps in top results. Every person in the best fertility centre Nepal helps with top assistance. Also, we see how far unexplained your infertility journey is. So, we try our best to provide many comfortable treatments. Thus, it causes no more problems for you.

02.)            24*7 advanced support:

Your best IVF center in Kathmandu has top support. As you can easily avail the top consultation. Since, our top counsellors and medical team are available 24*7. Because, we want to ease your problems. And you can top support for every single issue. So, it no more affects your psychological health. You can easily and freely share your story with us. We are ready to help you at every stage. Whether it is your beginning or treatment results.

03.)            Well-known doctors:

With it, we have many doctors. So, your every condition can manage in one place. Your infertility issues can be a successful treatment. Our fertility center in Kathmandu has every required doctor and expert. They have top experiences and qualifications. As they are well-educated from different countries. Further, they have more than 25 to 30 years of experience in performing fertility treatments. Thus, your IVF Nepal Kathmandu has top chances. They are famous for the most comfortable processes and satisfactory results.

04.)            Various assistances:

You have a great chance as many methods are available in one place. You can easily access any treatment for your issues. Because we have various approaches for your problems. These are highly advanced and well-known. And any couple can have a top method for their infertility condition. So, your pregnancy chance can improve for top results. All treatments have high success rates for the top results.

05.)            Advanced approaches:

Top-notch technologies are the need for every treatment. So, the couple’s pregnancy results can improve. We have world-class facilities and techniques. These are highly up-to-date. So, the couple’s treatment results can become successful. You can have top procedures as per issues. And advanced technologies will help. Since, these will improve your treatment success rates.

What do our patients say about us?

IVF with self-eggs:

“I must say that FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL  is the best place. They have helped in my dream. And now we are successful parents of a healthy baby. I am so happy to share my journey with them. We consulted many centres and get several treatments. But my results were so unsatisfactory. Then my friend recommended FCN. And it is a much one-stop location for all issues.”

Third IVF cycle success:

“During my treatment beginning, I know I have a few chances. Because the doctor has explained every point to me. They have also given us the right hope. And luckily we have not lost the faith in them. It is their hard work for our pregnancy and successful parenthood.”

IVF with donor eggs:

“My previous IVF and ICSI cycles were failures. And we were shaken that I may not conceive ever. But fertility centre Nepal has come to me as a miracle. Their doctor is the best because they listen to our entire problem. During IVF, I need donor eggs and they have all facilities.”

IVF treatment:

“I am so amazed by their services and treatment costs. They have much lower treatment prices. Any couple can have their help. It is much better for the treatment. And their services are speechless. I was so worry-free and in comfort during my entire process. I will strongly recommend any couple in their infertility.”

What are the available Infertility treatments in Nepal?

 IVF Nepal is a well-known art method. It has a highly advanced process. The couple chooses various infertility issues. It improves their top pregnancy result chances. Also, they conceive a genetically related healthy baby. With it, any other procedure can include in the treatment. As it improves the conception results. IVF’s success rate in Nepal is much higher than any other method. The treatment involves the couple’s eggs and sperm fertilization. It functions outside the female womb. And the top expert monitors it. Then, the top fertilized eggs implant into the female uterus. So, she can successfully conceive the baby. The process is the best for male and female infertility issues.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is the best fertility treatment in Nepal. It has the top method with top-notch technologies. Basically, it functions within IVF Nepal. As the single process helps in the fertilization part. For instance in Nepal, the eggs and sperm fertilize by placing them on the dish. But with ICSI, the fertilization of the gametes has an advanced process. As it involves selecting healthy sperm. The expert collects them with top observations. Then, they fertilize single eggs. As they directly inject the healthy sperm into each egg. So, the eggs and sperm can successfully fertilize. It is highly effective for female and male infertility issues.

Frozen Embryo Transfer is the best method. The top assisted reproductive technique helps with various issues. It has the top fertility success rates for top results. Through it, the couple can change their IVF cycle. As it provides the chance to have the process again. It involves using previously fertilized eggs. Because, the top fertilized eggs can be left in previous treatment. So, it can save with the freezing. And you can have it in another process. Thus, it improves pregnancy chances. Your conception possibilities are higher. Or, it can be helpful as your process need to stop in between. The expert suggests the FET.

The option is the topmost for the best results. As it helps in the IVF process in Nepal. Since, the female partner’s eggs do not have healthy quality. Or the female partner’s eggs cannot use. So, it is the right decision. Because, the donor eggs can help in a successful pregnancy. Since, these collections are from healthy donors. It fertilizes within the IVF process. This, the couple can have top pregnancy results. And IVF Nepal with donor eggs has top results. It has a high success rate for the couple’s pregnancy. The expert fertilizes healthy donor eggs with the male sperm. It performs under top technologies and monitoring. Then, the expert implant it into the female uterus. So, it can provide the pregnancy outcome.The option is the topmost for the best results. As it helps in the IVF process in Nepal. Since, the female partner’s eggs do not have healthy quality. Or the female partner’s eggs cannot use. So, it is the right decision. Because, the donor eggs can help in a successful pregnancy. Since, these collections are from healthy donors. It fertilizes within the IVF process. This, the couple can have top pregnancy results. And IVF Nepal with donor eggs has top results. It has a high success rate for the couple’s pregnancy. The expert fertilizes healthy donor eggs with the male sperm. It performs under top technologies and monitoring. Then, the expert implant it into the female uterus. So, it can provide the pregnancy outcome.

It is the best technique in ART techniques. Because, the couple can save their healthy gametes or embryos. Since, it can help in a future pregnancy. As it can select by a person or a couple. It improves their pregnancy result. Any person can cryopreserve their eggs, sperm, or embryos. So, the future pregnancy can become successful. It helps as the person does not want to conceive now. But they will become pregnant in the future. With it, do you have any extreme health issues? As it needs treatment or it can affect your gametes fitness. It involves the eggs freezing in the lab. Then, the expert stores them for you requires time. And during fertilization, it thawed and implant into the womb.

Intracytoplasmic morphologic sperm injection is also the best method. It helps with the male partner’s infertility issues. As the sperm has poor health. It is less motile or poor count. So, the method is much similar to ICSI. But it has many more effective results than the ICSI. As the process involves separating the healthy sperm. Further, it is again the best method after your IVF or ICSI failure. It collects healthy sperm. As the expert uses a highly advanced magnifying glass. It helps them in having top-motile sperm. So it can fertilize the female eggs. It can also perform in IVF treatment in Nepal.

Surrogacy nepal

Is surrogacy available in Nepal?

Do you know that Nepal was the top destination for surrogacy? Yes, surrogacy in Nepal is the best till 2015. Because it was available for every person. They can easily access the top pregnancy result. But, the government 2015 legalized the process. And it no more available method. Well, it was a great step to control illegal practices. Since, the lack of regulation, many resulted in children, surrogates and intended parents have suffered. It affected their human rights.

Surrogacy in Nepal was the topmost process. Because, it has an advanced process. And the attraction point was that any extreme condition can help. It has the topmost results than any other method. Since, the surrogate mother conceives for the couple. She delivers the couple’s child as she helps in their parenthood. Well, you have still a chance to have surrogacy. As it is available in other countries. And we are always available for your top decision. Surrogacy is freely available in Kenya, Georgia, Mexico, Argentina, and many more. It has many affordable charges for successful results. WORLD FERTILITY SERVICES will help you.

How we are different from other clinics?

The best infertility hospital in Nepal is present. You may find many centres with top services. But can they become successful for your results? Well, the choice depends on the individual. It can be helpful or satisfactory for them. But, your infertility conditions can affect your psychological health. And it can cause problems in choosing the best IVF center Nepal Kathmandu. But do not worry because we are always present with you. So, you can have world-class treatment success. You may have the question that how we are different. As many clinics are present. But why choose us?

You can have various treatments as you have encountered them. With it, other eye-catching points in the best infertility center in Kathmandu are: 
Success rates:

The FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL has top success rates for various infertility treatments. Every IVF hospital in Nepal has its success. It depends on their advanced procedures and facilities. Your treatment has chances as per conditions and approaches. But, we use highly advanced technologies. It helps in the topmost process. And your pregnancy chances can improve. With it, various approaches are available. These help in top pregnancy results. Such as:

  • IVF with self-eggs: more than 60% to 65%
  • IVF with donor eggs: Over 70% to 75%
  • IVF with donor sperm: 69% to 72%
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer: 66% to 69%
  • IVF with ICSI: 62% to 66%

Similarly to the success rate, the treatment charges in every centre in different. And the IVF cost in Nepal is much more affordable. With it, the IUI cost in Nepal is much lower. It has a most suitable process than any other. We, the best Kathmandu fertility center, believe in high transparency. Because, we want that our patients have the best treatment. It does not cause any problems in the couple’s budget. So, they can achieve top pregnancy results. And they do not face problems with treatment charges. Therefore, we have various assistance for your IVF treatment cost in Nepal. As your IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal can have packages, loans, and instalment facilities.

It is not the end! So here are the advanced facilities and methods:

Yes, still we have endless help. So that our patients can have the best treatment. No matter what, your best IVF centre in Kathmandu is always present. Because, we have many assistances. It promotes the couple’s pregnancy results. The following are the procedures for your top chances:

      i.)            Counselling session:

Your top infertility centre Kathmandu has advanced assistance. First is the best counselling sessions. These are by the top counsellors. They provide the session before the treatment start. So, the couple’s psychological status can manage. It helps in having less stress and anxiety level during the treatment.

    ii.)            Fertility surgeries:

Various fertility surgical methods are available. These help in removing your unwanted condition. As many infertility conditions can treat that interfere with your pregnancy results. So, you can have top surgical treatment for the removal process. The best fertility center in Nepal has several approaches. Such as fibroids removal, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, tubal opening surgery, endometrial biopsy, vasectomy reversal surgery, etc.

  iii.)            Checkups:

With it, we have various diagnoses for IVF Nepal and various treatments. These help in top pregnancy results. And your IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal can save. Because, the couple’s infertility conditions can confirm before starting. And your expert can suggest the best method. We have several testing for health and fertility checkups. Such as blood work (tests), ultrasound, semen analyses, genetic testings, embryo biopsy etc.

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