Best Fertility Centre in Nepal:

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Why IVF in Nepal?

Nepal is an affordable country for infertility treatments. The best fertility centre in Nepal has various infertility treatments to assist couples. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) performs with the latest technologies and advanced methods. IVF price in Nepal is affordable than in other countries. Many centres have high success rates in IVF Nepal.

IVF in Nepal can be your best decision as various treatments approaches are available at affordable rates to increase the conception possibilities.

Can IVF assist you in having a pregnancy?

Yes, it depends on your infertility conditions and capability of conception. Several screenings will confirm your pregnancy possibility through IVF in Nepal. The following are a few infertility conditions that have the conceiving chances:

  • Couples in their latter years, such as those in their 35s and 40s, cannot become parents.
  • The reproductive effectiveness of eggs and sperm decreases as people get older.
  • There is a blockage or injury in the woman fallopian tubes that prevent sperm from reaching the eggs.
  • The female partner has endometriosis, which causes infertility, painful and heavy periods.
  • IVF may recommend if a man sperm is of poor quality, has a low count, is aberrant, or moves slowly.
  • The uterine fibroid affects female infertility and can treat by IVF.
  • The couple is dealing with unexplained infertility.

What is the test tube baby procedure in Nepal?

There is no difference between IVF and test tube babies because both are the same.

IVF is the medical form of test tube baby treatment. It is a highly successful process in Nepal to provide higher results. Test tube baby in Nepal procedure accomplished by the best fertility expert in the top centre. It performs outside the female body and inserts into the uterus for pregnancy results. The test tube baby cost in Nepal is reasonable.

The following are the procedure steps of IVF Nepal:

  1. Fertility centres provide consultations at the commencement of any treatment. It allows them to better results in the patient’s treatment alternatives and concerns. Highly qualified therapists provide psychological and moral support to patients.
  2. Your expert will conduct a screening to determine the infertile issue. Ultrasounds, blood tests, and egg and sperm quality evaluations will guide the process. A blood test will reveal your hormonal levels also any genetic or inherent problems you may be experiencing. The health of a woman reproductive organs can assess using ultrasound.
  3. With the help of drugs, the female partner ovaries will stimulate. It helps in egg formation and count in the ovaries. Hormonal medicines will keep the hormone imbalance that causes egg problems under control.
  4. After the eggs produce, your specialist will utilize medications to extract the eggs. A device (catheter) will insert into the female partner’s uterus, along with a light and camera. It will focus on the inside of the follicles and assist the doctor in removing the eggs. The expert will ask the male spouse to ejaculate and produce a sperm sample. They will collect and wash it to find the right amount of sperm and quality.
  5. For conception, your specialist will combine the sperm and eggs. On a culture plate, healthy motile sperm will insert into the egg.
  6. The produced embryos (fertilized eggs) will implant into the female spouse uterus. For several days, the fertilized eggs will monitor to see developed ones. The same device will insert into the cervical opening and the uterus, followed by a chosen one.
  7. The female partner blood test will confirm the pregnancy if the embryo attaches to the uterus lining. If the procedure fails, the couple will have to go through another IVF cycle or seek another treatment option.

What is the cost of IVF in Nepal? 

The cost of IVF in Nepal goes from NPR 3,40,000 to NPR 3,50,000. The IVF price in Nepal is very reasonable. The cost of IVF therapy in Nepal is lower than in other nations.

The following factors will influence the cost of IVF in Nepal:

The cost of IVF in Nepal is influenced by the age of the patients. In older women, the chances of conceiving are slim. It notes that women above the age of 40 have fewer chances to conceive, while women under 30 years have more.

  • Good quality eggs are required in the IVF process; if the quality is low, the chances of conceiving reduce. If the therapy fails, the cost will influence whether or not further treatment is required will cost
  • The centres provide egg and sperm donors to improve the quality of sperm and eggs. Donor eggs and sperm have a high chance of being fertilized. In Nepal, the cost of egg or sperm donors will affect the cost of IVF.
  • Assisted hatching is a procedure in which professionals pierce the fertilized egg on purpose so that the eggs stick to it and enter the uterus. The cost of aided hatching will impact the cost of IVF.
  • IVF costs will rise because of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). It improves the process of insemination and fertilization. The cost of TESA/PESA includes in the IVF procedure and impact the overall treatment cost. PESA is a method of collecting male sperm from the reproductive canal.

Which is the best fertility centre in Nepal? 

SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best fertility centre in Nepal with higher experience in infertility treatments. 

In IVF with self eggs and sperm, the centre has a 60% success rate. It is well known for its success in many infertility treatments. 

It has reasonable fees for numerous fertility procedures in Nepal. They have dedicated to providing the best results through treatments using advanced and cutting-edge technology.

They have transparent treatments procedure and costs. To manage the psychological and physical burden of infertility problems, the centre has the best counsellors to calm down and provide moral support to them. They have packages based on the couple’s infertility problems and budget for the costly processes.

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