About Surrogacy Clinic Nepal

Securing parenthood dreams of gays

The futility of being infertile is no more a challenge to a couple (gays included) as fertility options are available all there as surrogacy Nepal. Surrogacy has become the word for the infertile couple through which they can experience parenthood. Gay singles as well as gay couples are also welcomed into extraordinary surrogacy services offered at Surrogate Mother Nepal at an amazing price of course much more cheaper than what is offered at European states.

Fill up your dreams of fertility through modern IVF techniques coming to your way sponsored by Surrogate Mother Nepal. In the true guidance of Dr. Neha, a number of gay couples have already been benefitted with reliable surrogacy services. Therefore, if you are also looking forward to gay surrogacy, Surrogate Mother Nepal welcomes you with all the hands open for you.

Surrogate Mother Nepal Center – Surrogacy Highlight

  • Surrogacy at SM Nepal is all about cementing your belief in having a family of your own through IVF.
  • We believe in customer satisfaction and this is what that acts as a force in building your interest at our surrogacy
  • Besides offering a chance to singles for having a newborn child through surrogacy or IVF procedure, the same is generally open there for married couples.
  • IVF facilities in Nepal are made by using state of art advancement so surrogate mothers turning out there can have the satisfaction with respect to services provided
  • SM Nepal i.e. Surrogate Mother Nepal is a champion among the most prestigious intercontinental specialist’s offices settled in Nepal that has 18 ICUS, 12 CCUS and 4 NICS with discrete restorative gas supply for the imprisonment rooms.
  • Adequate offices in every room helps organization individual offer the best with respect to pre and post specialists advantages there at SM Nepal.

SM Nepal and Surrogacy – a tale that includes success stories

  • Surrogacy and IVF frameworks have been added lately to the opened up extent of organizations offered by SM Nepal and thusly the center continues being the one renowned offering every sort of treatment for every possible physical distortion.
  • For surrogacy purposes, the offices pick surrogate mother just in case they clear the measures made by the center itself.
  • The underlined rules supported by SM Nepal for a lady to be a surrogate mother at SM Nepal reports that the lady must have a posterity of her own and she must have a good general wellbeing to experience the procedure.
  • She (the surrogate) must have the consent of her family fusing her mate and in laws with the goal that no honest to goodness issues can be raised out the decision taken by the lady (surrogate mother) by her relatives.
  • It is imperative to the surrogate mother to have the consent of her family with the surrogate mother so she can have the energetic help that would help her survive successfully.
  • Surrogates are treated well providing them all the necessities to make the surrogacy most easily for them.

Surrogacy at SM Nepal at a glance  

Determination, hard work and commitment were the guiding force for Dr. Neha that turned out as a separate wing of surrogacy at Surrogate Mother Nepal. The lady has an acclaimed medical degree proving for her success in IVF techniques. She is strong in medical acclamation nearly having an experience of 20 years of successful IVF stories.

A tough personality but having a success name in the IVF industry, the lady signifies all that is required to handle tough IVF cases into successful stories even when chances of success were the minimal.

Rely on SM Nepal Center to get your parenthood

At SM Nepal Center we believe in a holistic approach towards fertility and offer multiple options to couples to achieve parenthood