Best IVF treatment cost in Nepal

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What costs does Nepal have for IVF treatment?

In Vitro fertilization (IVF) is the best process of assisted reproductive technique. It helps both males and females with various infertility issues. IVF is a viable option for conceiving a biological child. Fertilization of eggs and sperm outside the female womb included.

The most up-to-date methodologies and technology assist throughout the process. It is the most effective surgery for patients with severe infertility.

IVF is not an inexpensive procedure because it requires several invasive steps, some medicines, and the latest techniques. A couple can successfully become parents with various impotent difficulties. Fertility experts of a clinic accomplish the IVF process in well-equipped laboratories. Nepal is the top destination for IVF and other infertility treatments. You can have an affordable cost of IVF in Nepal 2022.

IVF price in Nepal approximately starts from NPR 3,40,000. It includes various steps and conception of the couple. The best IVF clinic Nepal has packages to help their patients.

Following are the costs of treatments in Nepal:

TreatmentsPrices in Nepal (in NPR)
IVF (self eggs and sperm)3,40,000
IVF with donor eggs4,80,000
With the donor sperm3,90,000
IVF with ICSI3,40,000 to 3,50,000
IVF with TESA4,00,000
IVF with IMSI/PICSI3,90,000

The following aspects will increase your low IVF cost in Nepal:

  • Infertility reason:- Your infertility condition will suggest the treatment as other treatments with IVF such as PGD or PGS Preimplantation Genetic Screening that will control the inherited transmission into the resulting child.
  • Couple age:- Women at 40 years of age have few eggs and have a poor possibility of conceiving with self eggs. The advanced-age couple can require multiple IVF cycles in Nepal. It notices that women younger than 35 to 30 years have high chances of pregnancy through IVF.
  • Eggs and sperm conditions:- Healthy eggs and sperm can provide successful conception in the first IVF cycle. Your specialist will recommend donor assistance if the quality or status of your eggs or sperm is inadequate. The conception chances with the donor eggs and sperm are high. It collects through a healthy individual who has a high possibility of success.
  • Methods and centre reputation:- Some reputed centres have treatments charges according to them. It increases the costs than other clinics.
  • Other approaches:- The advanced approaches in the treatment such as (ICSI, IMSI/PICSI, TESA/PESA, Assisted Hatching, etc.) will increase the costs. These approaches increase the conception possibilities with IVF treatment.
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What are steps does affordable IVF in Nepal includes?

IVF treatment process in Nepal performs in the laboratory by collecting the eggs and sperm of partners. It accomplishes with fertilization of them outside the mother womb. It will take approximately three to four weeks to complete one IVF treatment cycle in Nepal. The IVF cost in Nepal will include the following steps in the best IVF clinic:-

  1. Counselling and screening:- The male and female partner will screen to determine the fertility conditions. Your expert will perform some blood tests and ultrasound for the results. It will help them to know the treatment with approaches. After the results, your expert will ease your psychological and moral state through counselling. It also prescribes the treatment and related approach for a successful process.  
  2. Retrieval with stimulation:- When it comes to IVF treatment, your professional will suggest various fertility medications to the woman. It stimulates the ovaries, which increases egg production. It will aid in the production of mature eggs by the ovaries. A hormonal medicine will inject to release the eggs into the uterus. Your doctor will use the vaginal canal to place a catheter into your uterus. Experts will benefit from the use of a camera and light. 
  3. Sperm collection:- The man will produce sperm and provide it to the expert to separate and select high-quality sperm. Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) methods can retrieve the sperm in the blockage condition of the male reproductive tract.  
  4. Insemination:- On a Cultural dish, the eggs and sperm will place together to penetrate the eggs and form fertilized eggs. It will split into multiple cells and generate fertile eggs within a few days (embryos). Another option ICSI, (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), can use for eggs and sperm fertilization.
  5. Transfer into uterus:- The fertilized eggs will be kept in the lab for a few days to ensure they grow and develop. One or two healthy eggs will select from them and place on the catheter. Through the vaginal opening, it will insert into the uterus to implant on the lining.
  6. Results:- Your embryo will take two weeks to stick into the uterus wall after the implantation. The female blood test will confirm the pregnancy.

Which centre has the best IVF success rate in Nepal?

The success rate of IVF in Nepal is higher than in other countries. SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best IVF clinic Nepal. It has treatment packages for IVF price in Nepal.

The centre provides IVF treatment in the following problems:

  • The female partner has blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.
  • In The male factor infertility such as poor sperm count, quality, and motility.
  • In the multiple miscarriages or cannot conceive, advise with IVF treatment.
  • A partner with a risk of an inherited disorder can assist with PGD and IVF.
  • Due to irregular ovulation, the woman does not have enough eggs of sufficient quality or quantity.
  • Female has fibroids or endometriosis conditions.
  • Men or women at an advanced age and have fewer pregnancy chances.

Many IVF hospitals in Nepal are available but, the SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL has top services and high success rates. They have the best medical staff of fertility experts and specialists with high experience. Their treatment packages are high fits into the patients’ pockets. The IVF success rate in the centre is 60% with self eggs and sperm. For the best treatments, they have transparent costs for every process. It has the sensible cost of IVF in Nepal 2022. 

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