Best laparoscopy surgery in kathmandu

Best laparoscopy surgery in Kathmandu:

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What is laparoscopic surgery in Kathmandu?

Laparoscopy in Nepal is the best process for various infertility issues and has better conception. The procedure is known as keyhole surgery, and its use to diagnose and treat internal abdominal problems. The person undergoing the process does not require two different methods for diagnosis and surgery. In the same procedure, a doctor can remove the issues present inside. It is a much better treatment in different ways than open or highly invasive procedures.  

Your fertility expert can recommend the process in two ways diagnosis or treatment. An instrument called a Laparoscope will have a light and high-resolution camera use. Your expert will use anaesthesia in the process for a better approach. They will make short cuts on your lower abdomen and near the navel (more than two). In open surgery, a large incision will make on the stomach to insert the devices and perform the procedure. It has a high success rate in treating issues with fewer side effects, and the patient recovers faster.

Selecting the best laparoscopy clinic in Nepal will help you have the best process. The best centre in Nepal has top services and advanced technologies. They highly focus on patients’ high satisfaction and comfort. It has various treatments and approaches for infertility treatments in Kathmandu. You can have the best doctor for laparoscopy in Kathmandu.


Every patient with infertility conditions needs the best help. It can only assist with the top procedure. And assisted reproductive techniques have advanced methods. Thus, you just need the best fertility centre. And SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL can be the best one. Because,

  • Experienced medical team
  • High fertility success rates
  • Advanced IVF treatment in Nepal
  • Benefits for suitable IVF cost in Nepal
  • Many treatments and processes
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What infertility conditions can assist through laparoscopy in Kathmandu?

Laparoscopic surgery in Kathmandu Nepal helps with many infertility conditions of the female partner to check and treat. You will not require different procedures to check and remove the problem. At the same time and process, your expert can diagnose and eliminate the problem. It saves time, budget, and uneasiness of patients. Laparoscopy surgery can recommend for the following conditions to diagnose and treat:-

As diagnostic:

  • The female partner faces any discomfort or severe pain during sexual intercourse.
  • You have symptoms of ectopic pregnancy that can be life-threatening.
  • Women have conditions of adhesion tissues or pelvic inflammatory disease.  
  • Your menstrual cramps are painful, will check for different issues.
  • If you have symptoms of mild to extreme endometriosis conditions.

As surgery: 

  • The female partner has blocked fallopian tubes that affect the eggs’ travel. It will remove in the surgery to increase the IVF process.
  • Your uterus has fibroids that cause the problem in the fertilized egg implantation. The expert will remove the fibroid without affecting the uterus and uterine lining.
  • You have ovarian cysts or PCOS that will require ovarian drilling and punctures of the ovaries.
  • The endometriosis condition is the presence of uterine tissue growth on other reproductive organs or outside the uterus cause difficulties.
  • It can remove polyps and adhesion in the reproductive system and affect female fertility.

What is our fertility or IVF success rate in Nepal?

IVF’s success rate in Nepal is much higher. Because it helps in a successful pregnancy. As the couple can conceive their healthy baby. And IVF is the top-most method. It is the best ART that helps with many issues. And couples achieve their pregnancy result. Many advanced processes can include within IVF. It helps in better treatment and outcomes.

Moreover, the best IVF centre in Nepal helps. They have top methods and assistance. And these help in better treatment and outcome. So, you can achieve the best result of a healthy pregnancy. Our technologies are highly advanced. These provide top-notch procedures and better results. The top doctors have high experience. It will make your IVF much more successful and top.

What are the benefits of laparoscopic surgery in Kathmandu?

The laparoscopy in Nepal is the best that helps remove many problems inside the female reproductive system. It has various benefits over other surgeries and provides better results. Open surgery has a high health risk and takes more time to recover. The following are the benefits select laparoscopic surgery in Nepal over other processes:

  • Much lower incisions: The process involves fewer tiny cuts on the abdomen than on other surgeries a large incision performs. It does not cause high pain or uneasiness after the treatment.  
  • Small scars: The cut spots are small that do not cause any trouble to your skin or not make it look unattractive after the recovery.
  • Less infection risk: It leads to less infection because the cuts are little and have high hygiene.
  • Faster healing:- After one or two days of the process, the patient can walk and do things. They can join their routine work between four to five days.
  • Two in one: You will not need to undergo two different processes for diagnosis and surgery (to remove). Laparoscopy is the best in which the conditions can check and terminate.
  • Affordable: Its cost is much lower than open surgery because needs less hospital stay and is multipurpose.

What is the process of laparoscopy in Kathmandu?

Laparoscopy is the best process to eliminate the issues present in the reproductive system and affect a person’s fertility. It has affordable and cost and is less invasive because a small incision makes on the abdomen and removes the issues within the same process. Today, it is taking the place of invasive procedures. Before the surgery, your expert will suggest you not eat seven to eight hours before the process started. Its stages are following in Kathmandu:

  1. The patient will receive general anaesthesia from an expert for unconsciousness during the surgery.
  2. Your expert will make a small cut near the navel and insert the laparoscope instrument with a light and a camera inside the incision.
  3. They will inject the carbon dioxide gas inside the incision to expand the organs. It will provide a better chance to insert devices and perform the treatment.
  4. To check the fallopian tube problems, insert a dye in the tubes and examine the gametes travelling.
  5. If any problem like fibroid, polyps, cysts, endometriosis, adhesion, or fallopian tube damage will present, your expert will remove the issues.  
  6. After correcting the problems, your expert will remove the gas with instruments and stitch the cuts.
What has the cost of laparoscopic surgery for fertility in Kathmandu? 

The laparoscopic surgery price Nepal is more affordable than in developed countries. It ranges from NPR 1,50,000. Because your infertility is severe and necessitates other treatments, the expense of laparoscopic surgery will be significant.

The laparoscopy cost in Kathmandu Nepal is different for every person depending on your purpose. Your expert recommends the process for the diagnosis but suddenly requires removing the issue will increase the cost. Many patients need Assisting Reproductive Techniques after laparoscopic surgery for successful pregnancy results that influence the total conception cost.

The best laparoscopy clinic in Nepal is SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL. It is a well-known clinic for the best laparoscopic surgeon in Kathmandu. 

They have top processes and facilities for various infertility treatments in Nepal. Has a high success rate of laparoscopy to remove various problems present inside the female reproductive function and increase the conception chances.

How we are the best in Nepal?

SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best IVF centre in Nepal. You can have the top method for pregnancy. We have many advanced facilities. Such as:

  • Top-notch assistances
  • Treatments for every issue
  • Packages and instalment facilities
  • Many successful patients
  • Higher fertility treatment success rates in Nepal
  • Email:
  • Or call for booking: +977-9808978369


What to focus on during my IVF treatment?

IVF includes several stages. It helps in successful pregnancy outcomes. You can have the best method. As many sterility issues can manage. With advanced approaches, IVF provides top results. Also, IVF has top results than any other method. During the IVF process, you need to focus on certain things. First, IVF needs healthy eggs and sperm. So, your eggs and sperm have top health. Then, the couple must have high fitness. Any addiction or health issue will cause the problem. And your conception chances will decrease. Lastly, you have to pick the best process. It depends on your conditions. And your expert can also recommend the best one.

Why choose the best IVF process?

IVF is much better than any other process. Because it involves the top method. Also, any other procedure can include. And it increases pregnancy chances. You can have treatment as per issues. It also has advanced technologies. So, you can conceive the baby. The best IVF process is necessary to choose. Because IVF is not the same for every couple. It depends on various factors. Some couples can conceive with a single IVF. But many face problems during pregnancy. Because of their extreme infertility issues. So, you need the best method with top help.

How does IVF more successful than other methods?

IVF treatment has the top process. It helps in better pregnancy results. Many infertility issues can manage with the method. And the couple can have the best process as per their problems. You can have a successful result. Also, the baby will have genetic relations. And IVF is the only method that can include different procedures. No other treatment can have another process. Because, the IVF process has advanced stages. Many top-notch methods help in pregnancy. And you can conceive the baby. So, IVF is much more successful than other methods. It is the best ART process. And you can choose for top pregnancy outcome.

Is my IVF success guaranteed?

Well, the IVF process, success, or cost is not the same for everyone. Because it depends on various factors. Some couples with top health and gametes have a high chance. But couples with severe issues face problems. It affects their conception chances. And IVF success can never be guaranteed. With it, you can have top IVF success. It is possible with the best IVF centre. They have top procedures and methods. So, your conception chances will increase. Also, they use top-notch technologies. These help in a better process. Moreover, the fertility doctor can help. Because their high qualifications and expertise provide top methods. And you can conceive the baby.

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