How much does cost of egg donor in Nepal?

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cost of egg donor in Nepal ranges from NPR 1 40,000 to NPR 1 50,000, which is quite reasonable compared to the cost of the egg donor at other fertility clinics. Conceiving a baby is priceless for those couples who were struggling for a long period. Surrogate Mother Nepal hires egg donors who are young, healthy, and fertile women that charge reasonably for their services so that each individual can avail the benefits of having a baby.  


Every patient with infertility conditions needs the best help. It can only assist with the top procedure. And assisted reproductive techniques have advanced methods. Thus, you just need the best fertility centre. And SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL can be the best one. Because,

  • Experienced medical team
  • High fertility success rates
  • Advanced IVF treatment in Nepal
  • Benefits for suitable IVF cost in Nepal
  • Many treatments and processes
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What’s the need for Egg Donors?

Couples may require egg donors where a female partner cannot produce enough numbers of eggs for healthy fertilization, but they wish to carry a baby in their womb. For them, the best option to have their baby is the egg donor procedure. Surrogate Mother Nepal is a fertility clinic with a large database for egg donors from different countries. Couples can choose the egg donor according to their preference and fulfil their dream of having a baby.

It is a procedure where the fertility experts will use the healthy donor eggs and artificially fertilize them with genetic father’s sperm to ease the fertilization process. Once the fertilization occurs, the embryologist chooses the best active embryo/s and transfers it into the birth mother’s uterus to establish a successful pregnancy.

What is the cost of egg donor in Nepal with IVF?

The cost of egg donor in Nepal is much more affordable. It process becomes the top one. As IVF helps in the couple’s conception. The IVF treatment in Nepal function with top techniques. Your conception chances are higher. Because, the donor eggs have high quality. Also, the IVF success rate in Nepal is

  1. Egg donor: You will determine the need for the egg donor. Given that you meet the prerequisites. If your previous IVF attempts have failed. A healthy lady is the egg donor. You need to verify various donor-related information.
  2. Fertility assessments: The expert performed many tests. Knowing your problems is beneficial. Also, the fertility and health of the egg donor in Nepal can be verified. For improved outcomes, the specialist examines them. As the problems can be handled before they begin.
  3. Medications: The egg donor will thereafter receive medication, in sync. It’s a fertility drug that boosts egg production. So, your procedure can produce several mature eggs. Injections of hormones will also be used. Your uterus will get ready with it. Because it will benefit hormone-related drugs.
  4. Retrieval of the eggs: Your specialist will take the eggs from the egg donor. The surgical procedure is used. Because a device will go inside the uterus. And the eggs will come back out of the uterus. The male partner will then start to provide sperm. It gets ready in the laboratory to have the best sperm.
  5. Fertilization: The specialist employs the ICSI technique for mixing. The best procedure is Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Each egg is injected with healthy sperm in this process. The specialist has previously injected sperm into healthy donor eggs. The donor eggs can effectively fertilize as a result. And your specialist will keep an eye on the fertilization.
  6. Implantation: The ovulated eggs will move into the uterus of the female. First being watched over by the expert. The best embryos still in development are then chosen. And the uterus will receive the implant. Both the ultrasound and catheter will be used by your expert. Considering that they facilitate the transfer. After two weeks, your pregnancy will be confirmed. As the female partner will have a blood test.

What’s the procedure for a woman to become an egg donor at the Surrogate Mother Nepal clinic?

A woman who wishes to become an egg donor at Surrogate Mother Nepal needs to fulfil the following criteria:

•    First, she needs to fill an application with details such as family history, educational background, medical history, drug consumption, any allergy from any medicines, hobbies, sexual activity, childbearing history, age should not be more than 30, etc.

•    The representative at Surrogate Mother Nepal conduct the initial round of screening for all egg donors; if they clear the screening, they can only interview them with the clinic coordinator.

•   After the initial round of screening gets completed, all egg donors need to undergo medical and physiological testing. The experts examine the status of the egg donor’s uterus, ovaries, and other pelvic organs.

•    Once all screening and examination parts get completed, the egg donors must sign a legal consent form before joining an egg donation process. The consent form states that the family of egg donors have no issues with whom their eggs get to donate. All the egg donors get their compensation for providing their services. Once all legal formalities get completed, egg donors are ready to deliver their services to other couples.

•   All egg donors need to be financially stable.

•    A woman who wishes to become an egg donor should be mature enough to understand that this is a crucial procedure, and she is ready to cooperate throughout the treatment.

•    She is ready to take the injections that fertility experts prescribe for the procedure.

How does the egg donor procedure work at Surrogate Mother Nepal?

The fertility experts at Surrogate Mother Nepal ask the biological parents to visit the clinic when the ovum of the egg donor gets picked up. They need to stay at the clinic with the egg donor for about five days. Once the embryo is ready, the skilled embryologist transfers it into the birth mother’s uterus and waits for the pregnancy to occur. After this, the couple can leave the clinic, and the female partner needs to take a proper rest without any stress. If any help is required, they can e-mail, chat, or call the fertility experts round the clock.

After 14 days of embryo transfer, the fertility expert asks the couple to visit the clinic for the pregnancy test. The experts conduct an ultrasound scan where they listen to the fetal heartbeat, and once it’s positive, it means the pregnancy is confirmed. The experts then hand over the couple to their local gynaecologist and advise the female partner to avoid lifting heavy objects, hard exercises, consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking, etc., to achieve the successful outcome.

If couples fail to achieve successful results in the first attempt, they can repeat the treatment cycle with the same egg donor or change their egg donor. If they want to change the egg donor, then the cost of an egg donor in Nepal will increase according to their preference of egg donor.

What are the success rates of an egg donor at the Surrogate Mother Nepal fertility clinic?

The success rate of egg donor treatment at Surrogate Mother Nepal fertility clinic is around 75 to 85% which is quite high compared to other fertility clinics. Surrogate Mother Nepal is a fertility clinic that hires skilled & experienced fertility experts who make a successful pregnancy possible for couples of growing age.

How much does the cost of egg donor in Nepal?

You can have an affordable egg donor cost in Nepal. It is much more suitable than in well-developed nations. So, you can choose them for achieving the best result. Also, the process will be budget-friendly. As the cost egg donor in Nepal is NPR 1,50,000 to NPR 1,60,000. And the IVF cost in Nepal is also affordable. Thus, the couple can have a suitable treatment.

With it, you can have the best IVF doctor in Nepal. They are available in the best IVF centre in Nepal. They have top experiences and qualifications. Also, you can have the best IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal. As we have top packages and assistance. It helps with the charges. You can choose one thing to process. Because, advanced methods are available. These help in achieving top pregnancy.

Why do people choose the Surrogate Mother Nepal fertility clinic?

People choose the Surrogate Mother Nepal clinic because of the following reasons, and these are:

1. Fertility treatments cost: Surrogate Mother Nepal is a fertility clinic that offers affordable fertility treatments. In one of their surveys, they found that more than half of the population worldwide deals with infertility issues and cannot afford expensive treatments to have their baby. Surrogate Mother Nepal is a fertility clinic that believes that each individual has a right on this planet to enjoy their parenthood phase.

2. Trained medical professionals: Surrogate Mother Nepal clinic has well-trained medical professionals who give their best to achieve a successful outcome, and they are the ones who go beyond their limits to help couples in conceiving a baby.

3. Success rates: To date, Surrogate Mother Nepal has achieved the highest success rates for taking disease-free babies home.

4. Use of latest & advanced technologies: Surrogate Mother Nepal is a fertility clinic where fertility experts use the latest & advanced technologies to treat all types of infertility issues under one roof and make the dream of childless couples comes true by delivering a healthy baby to them.

5. Couple’s stay: Surrogate Mother Nepal clinic offers a pleasant & comfortable stay to each individual throughout their treatment journey, which is very important because couples need to be relaxed & calm during the procedure to achieve the best output.

How we are the best in Nepal?

SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best IVF centre in Nepal. You can have the top method for pregnancy. We have many advanced facilities. Such as:

  • Top-notch assistances
  • Treatments for every issue
  • Packages and instalment facilities
  • Many successful patients
  • Higher fertility treatment success rates in Nepal
  • Email:
  • Or call for booking: +977-9808978369


What are fertility treatments?

Many fertility treatments are available. These help in treating the issues. And the couple can achieve their pregnancy results. You can have the best method. As these are for male and female infertility problems. You can choose from surgical, non-surgical, or less invasive processes. It helps in having a successful pregnancy. Because the problem will remove. And many assisted reproductive techniques are present. These perform for the couple’s gametes fertilization. It has top-notch technologies. And the couple gets the top outcome. Many infertility conditions can manage within the process. Also, the couple can have various other approaches. It helps in better results.

How does female infertility cause the problem?

Female infertility cannot relate to one problem. Because it affects the entire pregnancy. Your process needs healthy eggs, a uterus, and female fitness. As any problem will impact the results. Thus, your pregnancy chances will decrease. Many women have uterus issues. Since, the uterus lining has any abnormal growth like fibroids. Or the uterine lining is growing on other parts. It is endometriosis. And it causes many issues. Some women have poor egg issues. It causes problems in fertilization. As no fertilized eggs will form. And the female cannot conceive. Female health is crucial. Because of severe health issues, females face problems. And the pregnancy will not happen.

Is female infertility more extreme than male infertility issues?

Well, both infertilities are extreme in their basis. But female infertility conditions highly affect pregnancy. Since, male infertility deals with sperm health. And female fertility has eggs, a uterus, and female health. Any part problem will affect pregnancy. A successful pregnancy only needs healthy sperm from the male. But it needs high fitness from the female. As it needs a fit uterus. The uterine lining must be healthy. It does not have any abnormal growth. Also, the female eggs have high quality. Your ovaries produce more eggs. Then, you do not have any extreme health issues. 

What are treatments for female infertility?

Many surgical and non-surgical methods are present. These help with various female infertility issues. And the female can conceive a healthy child. You can choose the method as per the problems. As if you have an egg problem, the top process is available. It depends on your egg’s issue level. Because the no eggs means you need donor eggs. Or some poor eggs can manage with ovulation Induction. Then, any blockage or issue can treat with surgery. It helps in removing the problem. Lastly, you have ARTs methods. These perform for the pregnancy results.

Why does female health consider the most?

Female health is necessary for pregnancy. Because the woman will carry to deliver the baby. And, any health issue can affect you. Since, some women have obesity or other health problems. It causes problems in their pregnancy result. The fit woman at a younger age has a high chance. As she can conceive the baby. It also affects the reproductive organs’ health. Because the female cannot produce healthy eggs. Advanced-age women have poor chances. Because their fertility status will deprive. And it causes the issue in pregnancy outcomes.

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