Egg Donors In Nepal Offer A Pool Of Donors Helping Women-In-Conceiving

At us, egg donation programs are designed well to help women unable to produce their own healthy eggs. We are passionate team of professionals working at Surrogate Mother Nepal to offer a platform to egg donors in Nepal willing to donate their eggs. A number of patients are being facing infertility and thus egg donation seems to be an attracting option to them that can help them to conceive.

There is a greater availability of Indian egg donors in Nepal donating their eggs to be used by couples looking forward for fertility services. A greater number of sperm donors in Nepal can also be found at Surrogate Mother Nepal if there is the requirement for the same. These donors go under a strict procedure conquering which confirms donor’s availability as egg donors in Nepal.

Every year Nepal experiences a gathering of Indian Egg donors who come to this place to donate their eggs to be used by infertile couples. Egg donation is not always done for financial benefits but also fer self satisfaction is what we were told when surveyed the topic with sensitivity.

India is a couple who donates his eggs to help conceive a child. It is one of the greatest inventions of medical science that can help childless couples to have their own babies. To make this procedure a successful one, it is most important that the qualities of donor should meet the recipient’s qualities. Having medical similarities between these two parties is also important when considering egg donation in India.

Nepal hosts women who are ready to donate their eggs for financial assistance women in Nepal generally qualify the test that is being taken to check the mental and physical strength of a woman. The fact that Nepal being a mountainous country has a population of women who work hard for their earning whether it is the job of extracting tea leafs from garden or doing step farming on hills. All such activities help these women to remain fit, which is the sole requirement of being egg donors in Nepal.

Besides having a pool of egg donors in Nepal, a number of Indian egg donors have also shown their interest in egg donating campaign held in Nepal. Grade International Hospital sponsors these programs every time an egg donor wills to donate the egg. Besides having a rich number of egg donors in Nepal. The count for sperm donors in Nepal is matching up the ratio equally. Though people are still not very clear about the procedure and thus they were educated first on the basics of egg donation after which they may or may not take participation in the egg donation programs.


Donor ID # Donor Availability Hair Color Eye Color Height Weight Age Type of Cycle Prior Donor Education
269 Available Brown Brown 5’7″ 150 31 Single Yes College
442 Available Blonde Hazel 5’2″ 120 28 Single Yes High School
554 Available Brown Hazel 5’6″ 134 30 Single No High School
618 Available Blonde Brown 5’2″ 160 31 Single Yes High School
623 Available Blonde Blue 5’9″ 200 30 Split Yes College
754 Currently Matched Brown Brown 5’4″ 160 29 Split Yes College
798 Available Brown Brown 5’8″ 180 31 Split Yes College
799 Currently Matched Dark Blonde Blue 5’5″ 160 30 Split Yes College
823 Available Brown Brown 5’5″ 180 25 Split Yes High School
825 Currently Matched Brown Hazel 5’8″ 190 24 Single Yes College
849 Available Brown Brown 5’3″ 130 28 Single No College
850 Available November 2008 Brown Brown 5’4″ 190 29 Split Yes College
Looking for a Good Donor Match?
At our clinic we have large database of Nepal Egg Donors from different parts of Nepal as well as Caucasian, African,Indian and other Race Egg Donors!