Grande International FertilityClinic

Grande International FertilityClinic


CARE IS CURE” is what Grande International notifies it with. Welcome into the suburbs of Nepal at Grande International Hospitals, the one stop solution for all the physical ailments humans experience. The list of services has been expanded at Grande International Hospital and we proud to introduce the latest wing in our profile the surrogacy centre Nepal. Grande International has always remained a pioneer in offering health care services that is now extended to surrogacy centre Kathmandu.

Facilities at GIH

  • GIH was established in 2010 and within five years of its establishment the hospital turned out to be one superior in Nepal providing different kinds of health care facilities.
  • The hospital offers health care facilities to a wide range of medical and surgical services now surrogacy centre Nepal
  • GIH i.e. Grande International Hospital is a standout amongst the most prestigious intercontinental doctor’s facilities settled in Nepal that has 18 ICUS, 12 CCUS and 4 NICS with discrete medicinal gas supply for the confinement rooms.
  • Adequate facilities in every room helps administration individual offer the best regarding pre and post agent benefits there at GIH.

Let Grande International Hospital be your guide on journey of parenthood  

Yes we are the professionals at Grande International assisting you at your journey of parenthood. You are a couple, a gay or a single, we the surrogacy clinic Kathmandu will assist you step-by-step in the over whelming journey of having your own child through surrogacy. The hospital has 10 operating room and 8 modular rooms that has all the state-of-art technology mended into it, making the hospital one of the most prominent in the nearby areas.