How much does the cost of IUI treatment in Nepal?

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Why IUI treatment in Nepal?

Infertility is sticking the feet deep down in the lives of people. According to a government-commissioned report, many spouses in their reproductive years have difficulty conceiving children. They require the assistance of the processes that help them become pregnant successfully. It is a crucial concern for many families and partners. Infertility conditions can face by the male or female partner. It affects their possibility to become parents and causes many other problems in their happy lives.

Many fertility treatments help patients assist the issues and successfully conceiving. They work with the sperm and eggs of partners and provide conception. IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is the first recommendation in many infertility problems of partners. It is the best process that has a highly lower cost than other assisted reproductive technologies. It performs by collecting the male sperm outside the body and placing it into the female uterus near the eggs. It will increase the likelihood of pregnancy and provide better results.

IUI in Nepal has top approaches and deliver by the top centre with the latest technologies. It can perform will the donor sperm that offer successful results in severe male partner infertility. It involves a less invasive procedure than other treatments. You will have affordable IUI treatment cost in Nepal than in developed countries.  

  • The expert will recommend the IUI process in the mild infertility problems of the couple. It increases the conception chances and can provide successful conception. 
  • Egg production can manage through doctor-prescribed fertility medicines. It recommends only to women, can produce eggs and has at least one healthy fallopian tube. It can assist the following infertility factors of male and female partners and providers.
  • You cannot conceive the baby naturally and not find the exact cause. It can perform through the IUI,
  • The female partner has an endometriosis condition with a mild situation.
  • The woman has cervix issues that cause thick mucus and problem in sperm way to inside the uterus.
  • Because the male partner’s sperm count is low, cannot fertilize the female eggs traditionally.
  • You require SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) for collecting the sperm through the testicles in any blockage.
  • You have ovulation disorder that causes poor eggs quality and production. The fertility medicines require in the IUI increase the health of the eggs.

How does IUI treatment perform in Nepal?

The IUI in Nepal performs by the fertility expert that collects the male partner’s sperm. It requires the latest technologies and up-to-date techniques for better conception results. It involves a less invasive process that does not cause any wound or cut on the female body. You can conceive through the donor sperm with IUI and can have successful results. It includes the following steps in the IUI cost Nepal:-

  Checkups: Your fertility doctor will perform several different screenings of body hormones, disorder confirmation, and productive health. The doctor will perform this test to determine your reproductive state and chances of conceiving.
  Fertility medicines: Your doctor will prescribe some medications to the female partner. It will provide healthy eggs for successful results. It will stimulate the ovarian function and increase the maturity of eggs during production. The eggs will release into the female uterus through the medicines.
  Sperm preparing: The partner can produce sperm in the ejaculation, and the expert will collect it in the lab. It will prepare through washing and separating the healthy sperm. Your expert will recommend SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) in the male reproductive system blockage. It will collect the healthy sperm from testicles or other parts.
  Placing: The doctor will place a tiny and flexible tube catheter inside the female uterus. They will use a speculum to open the vagina widely and insert it into the uterus. The selected sperm will inject into the catheter and uterus. It will reach the released eggs inside the uterine cavity and inseminate with them to form fertilization.
  Results: The eggs and sperm will mix and form embryos after some days inside the female uterus. It sticks to the uterine lining and starts developing inside. Your expert will suggest a blood test after two to three of the process.

What is the IUI treatment cost in Nepal?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatment in Nepal has fewer costs than IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) because it does not include the invasive processes that take high time. It is the best process that provides top outcomes in less timing. The IUI treatment cost in Nepal is highly affordable than in industrialized nations.   

The cost of IUI in Nepal starts at NPR 30,000, which includes one IUI treatment cycle. Various factors related to your health and treatment will affect the IUI price in Nepal. It requires healthy fallopian and ovulation that will provide the results. Partners advanced age will increase the total expenses because it requires different processes and approaches.

The success rate of IUI in Nepal depends highly on the individual patients’ infertility and health conditions. Your eggs and sperm quality is healthy, the results have high chances. The advanced age of partners causes a severe effect on the IUI success as they do not conceive in the first cycle and require different approaches. Its successful results can influence by the partners’ age and fertility conditions. It increases the chances with the treatment cycle numbers and provides better results after some tries.

Where has the best IUI treatment in Nepal?

SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best IUI clinic in Nepal. Many infertile partners have successfully become parents through the centre treatments. They provide advanced technologies and cutting-edge methods during the processes. All of the centre’s most recent approaches have high success rates, thanks to the expertise of the centre’s leading fertility doctors. The best centre has a package for IUI cost in Nepal that provides pocket-friendly for middle-class families. They use the most up-to-date procedures to do IUI Nepal and give patients better results. They provide processes for infertility treatments in Nepal for many years. You will find top facilities and services in the centre that provide high comfort and satisfaction.

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