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Experience Modern Fertility Treatment In Nepal With One Like IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection

We introduce ourselves as one of the most renowned fertility center situated amidst the beautiful landscape of Nepal in SM Nepal  Hospital. We are not the ones belonging to the community that self declares its triumph but our results do the same for us. We are premiere institution offering fertility treatment among which ICSI treatment finds an important place.
You can easily rely on the treatment offered by us to get your dream of having a family fulfilled. ICSI is a treatment for males experiencing infertility that is consequently leading to infertility of the couple as a whole. ICSI treatment is one solution for infertility problems being faced by men at any age. At us, you can have an affordable treatment with the state-of-art technology being offered by us.
ICSI is extensively known as intra cytoplasmic sperm injection, which is a treatment working on amid In Vitro Fertilization. ICSI treatment is a normal IVF methodology offered during In Vitro Fertilization. Amid the strategy of IVF, female eggs are treated with male sperm by putting them together in a tube under the artificial conditions made in research center.

Our Service Spectrum Towards Treating Your Infertility 

ICSI treatment ends as soon as eggs get fertilized after the sperm enter the external divider of the egg and go inside it. On the other hand, in the ICSI treatment an embryologist implants the sperm specifically into the egg. ICSI treatment at Surrogate Mother Nepal is perfect to be utilized for guys having infertility issues that incorporate oligospermia, teratozoospermia, and asthenozoospermia.

Among the infertility issues we just described here; oligospermis is the most typical one, men generally come across to. It is a condition when a male has a low semen volume or has a low sperm number. In exacting scene it can be known as a condition when a man has fewer than 20 million sperm every ml of discharge. In any case, ICSI treatment for this issue is not all that much moderate yet it is something that can simple be managed financially.

The ICSI Treatment Procedure

  • Similarly as with standard IVF treatment, you will be given fertility medications to fortify your ovaries to build up a few experienced eggs for preparation.
  • At the point when your eggs are prepared for gathering, you and your partner will experience separate medical procedures.
  • Your mate may create a sperm sample himself by discharging into a container on that day as your eggs are gathered.
  • On the off chance that there is no sperm in his semen, specialists can remove sperm from him under local anesthesia.
  • Your specialist will utilize a fine needle to take the sperm from your partner by adopting for two different techniques PESA or TESA.
  • PESA is tried before TESA and if this technique doesn’t work, the doctor may try out biopsy of testicular tissue, which sometimes helps extracting sperm.
  • TESE is now and again completed before the treatment cycle starts, and under local analgesic. The recovered sperm are solidified. Any uneasiness felt by your partner ought to be smoothen and can be treated with painkillers.
  • In the wake of providing for you a sedative, the specialist will evacuate your eggs utilizing a fine, empty needle.
  • An ultrasound helps the specialist to find the eggs. The embryologist then separates singular sperm in the lab and infuses them into your individual eggs.
  • After two days the prepared eggs get to be wads of cells called fetuses. The procedure follows same steps as IVF.
Affordable and Honest ICSI Treatments
At Surrogate Mother Nepal Centre we believe that every couple is unique and we offer honest diagnosis and options to achieve your Parenthood.