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IVF cost in Nepal- Cost of IVF treatment cost in Nepal ranges from NPR 3,40,000 to 3,50,000. The IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal, is highly sensible. The IVF treatment cost in Nepal is more reasonable than in other countries. The IVF treatment cost in Nepal will affect by the following factors:

  • Age of couples

The age of patients will affect the cost of IVF in Nepal. The possibility of conception in high age women is low. It notices that women at 40 years old have fewer chances to conceive and women at 30 years old have more.

  • Condition of eggs

In the IVF process, good quality eggs require; if the quality is poor, the chances of conceiving reduce. The cost will affect if the treatment fails and the need to go for another treatment that requires money again. 

  • Sperm conditions  

Like eggs, the quality of sperm is also necessary for the fertilization process. Poor quality sperm also can affect the success of treatment. 

  • Egg and sperm donor

For the better quality of sperm and eggs, the centres provide egg and sperm donors. The donor eggs and sperm have a high possibility of conception. The cost of egg or sperm donors will affect the cost of IVF in Nepal. 

  • Assisted hatching

It is a process, in which the fertilized egg is punctured deliberately by the experts so that the eggs adhere to it into the uterus. The cost of assisted hatching will affect the IVF cost.

  • IVF with ICSI 

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) will increase the cost of IVF. It improves the insemination and fertilization process.

  • IVF with TESA/PESA

The cost of TESA/PESA is included in the IVF and impacts the total cost of treatment. Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA)/Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) is a process the male sperm collects from his reproductive canal.

Treatments in NepalCost of treatment (NPR)
IVF with egg donor       4,80,000(cost of IVF with egg donor in Nepal is approximately NPR 1,40,000-1,50,000.)
IVF with sperm Donor    3,90,000 (cost of ivf with sperm donor is NPR 50,000)
IVF with ICSI3,40,000 
IVF with IMSI3,90,000 (cost of IMSI Treatment in Nepal is NPR 50,000)
IVF with PICSI             3,90,000 (The PICSI cost is NPR 50,000)
IVF with TESA           4,00,000 (The TESA cost is NPR 50,000)

In Vitro Fertilization- IVF in Nepal:

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a process that helps infertile couples in conception. Infertility means are not able to conceive, facing difficulties in bearing a child or multiple miscarriages. Infertility occurs in life due to many reasons and, it makes the life of couples less happy. Women and men both can suffer fertility issues in life. 

Who can have IVF treatment in Nepal?

The couple facing various infertility issues can have IVF treatment in Nepal. IVF helps in the various reasons for infertility. The IVF treatment has a high chance of conception for a woman. The couple facing problems as: 

  • The female partner has a problem with fallopian tubes as blockage or damage of fallopian tubes
  • The male partner suffers from male factor infertility as low count of sperm, abnormality of sperm and motility of sperm 
  • Unexplained reason for their infertility
  • Inability to determine the cause of multiple miscarriages
  • The couple at high age and intending to be pregnant
  • Women have premature ovarian failure
  • The couple wants to limit the transmission of any genetic disorder 
  • The woman does not have ovaries due to heredity condition.   

Procedure of IVF in Nepal

  • Screening of the couple : The expert performs the screening of male and female partners of a couple entirely for the infertility issue they face. The screening helps to find the condition and health of their reproductive organs. It includes some ultrasound and blood tests. The screening determines the woman ovulation phase, condition of uterine, ovarian, fallopian tube health, and egg quality.The screening helps to find the quality of sperm, motility and count of sperm in the man. 
  • Counselling of the couple: In the top clinics of Nepal, counsellors have high experience. The counsellor supports the patients mentally and brings the hope of happiness in their life. Counsellors try to find out the perspective of patients on the treatment. The screening reports suggest a suitable treatment for the couple by experts. The counsellors also advise the type of technologies and facilities that will increase the possibility of conception. 
  • Egg retrieval of women: In the lab, women eggs retrieve using a device it inserts from the cervix to the uterus. The fluid collects from the eggs to test the quality of the eggs. Sperm collecting: the male partner produces semen and gives it to the experts. The experts test the semen in the lab and collect sperm from the semen. Sperm must be of high quality and quantity.
  • Insemination: The eggs and sperm mix in the IVF cycle experts place both on a petri dish. The eggs and sperm mix outside the body to inseminate and make an embryo. 
  • Implantation: The embryo growth monitors for three to six days in the same lab. The high-quality embryo transfers into the woman uterus.   
  • Pregnancy: After two to three weeks of implantation, the blood tests confirm the pregnancy reports.


The SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is a reputed clinic in Nepal with higher years of fertility treatments. The centre offers a 60% success rate in IVF treatment using self eggs and sperm. The centre is well known for its success in various fertility treatments in Nepal. 

The centre charges reasonable fees for numerous fertility procedures in Nepal. The centre is dedicated to providing the best reproductive treatments possible using advanced and cutting-edge technology. They make the price of treatments transparent.

In infertility, the couple feels pressured mentally and physically. The centre offers counsellors that help the patient by providing mental peace and hope to them for conceiving.

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