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How does IVF cost vary in Nepal?

The IVF cost in Nepal is the focal centre for many couples from different countries. They prefer IVF in Nepal 2022 for a highly affordable cost than in developed countries. The best centre in Nepal performs the process with hi-tech methods and offers high procedure satisfaction at a highly suitable price. It serves to provide successful pregnancy results to partners. They become parents through the best techniques and approaches in Nepal.

The IVF price in Nepal starts from NPR 3,40,000 to NPR 3,50,000. It rises because of several circumstances and partner conditions throughout the IVF process. The following factors affect your treatment cost in Nepal:-

  • High age: As people get older, their health suffers, and they have lower chances of becoming pregnant. IVF can help in several cycles for providing desired results or requires other majority approaches. It increases the total cost higher in Nepal.
  • Eggs and sperm: The partners eggs and sperm do not have a health condition cannot produce. It requires other processes to collect gametes for the treatment.
  • Donor assistance:- In the no egg or sperm condition, the expert recommends donor gametes. It provides successful conception but increases the IVF cost in Nepal.
  • ICSI: Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) assists the process as the sperm inject into each egg directly for successful fertilization. It includes the charges and influences them.
  • SSR: Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) performs to collect the male sperm from the reproductive tract. It recommends in any blockage or no sperm condition of the male partner. The TESA and PESA are the two methods that influence the entire cost.
  • Assisted hatching: This procedure suggests in embryos poor condition or that the prospects of fertilization are low. It accomplishes by puncturing the fertilized eggs outer layer before transferring it into the female uterus.
  • Place: Couples select Nepal for IVF treatment from different countries. It necessitates their boarding, accommodation, and food expenses, which raise the overall cost of the process.
  • Centre: You should select the best centre after a thorough research as some clinics have hidden treatment charges. It increases the cost at the end of the process and leaves no option to them. 

Which infertility conditions can IVF assist in Nepal?

The IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) suggest different infertility problem faced by men and women. It provides a better result of conception in partners’ infertility conditions. It can perform with other approaches and methods. You can limit various problems transmission into the resulting child. Your expert can suggest donor eggs or sperm for a successful pregnancy. You have chances to become pregnant with IVF in the following conditions:

  • The female spouse has blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. It imparts the journey of sperm and eggs inside the uterus.
  • The couple has higher age that stops them to conceive the child. IVF is a successful process for partners at an advanced age.
  • Partners who have gone through some miscarriages or pregnancy failure will require assistance to diagnose and manage the problem.
  • Some women have ovulation disorder that causes irregular menstruation and poor eggs health.
  • After the age of 30s to 40s, the woman’s uterus develops non-cancerous growth like fibroids, polyps, etc. It causes problems in the fertilized eggs’ implantation inside the uterus.
  • Men have male factors infertility issues like no sperm count, poor sperm health, poor movement, and abnormal formation (shape and size).
  • The couple has a high risk of spreading a genetic disorder into the child can limit through IVF with another approach.
  • Women have endometriosis conditions that cause tissue to grow outside the uterine lining and cause infertility.
  • No problem diagnosis in the couple, but they cannot become pregnant. It is an unexplained infertility reason and can manage with IVF.

What process does IVF have in Nepal?

The cost of IVF treatment Nepal includes different steps. It provides successful conception to infertile partners. It requires healthy eggs and sperm to gather through the couple and fertilize in the lab. All stages accomplish under fertility specialists’ guidelines and top technologies observation. Before starting the process, they will consider the health of partners and their possible success through the treatment. The IVF in Nepal 2022 will complete in the following steps:-

  • Testings: Partners will undergo medical screenings that determine their infertility conditions and other problems. The male partner’s sperm health and production will analyze through the expert. They will perform a checkup of female reproductive organs and eggs quality. It will accomplish with ultrasounds and blood tests.
  • Ovulation Induction: The fertility medicines suggested by the expert will prepare the female ovaries for ovulation. It will increase eggs production through the uterus because the IVF process requires more eggs. Your eggs will release into the female partner’s uterus with a hormonal injection.
  • Egg Retrieval: Your expert will recommend some sedative medicines to manage the pain during the process. A Transvaginal Ultrasonic Device (Catheter with a light and a camera) will insert into the female uterus. It will insert inside the vagina and cervix first then reach the uterus. Your eggs present inside the uterus will collect from the follicles with a sharp needle. The male semen sample will prepare in the lab by the expert and separate healthy sperm for the process.
  • Insemination: In the conventional method, partners’ eggs and sperm will place together on a Petri Dish. The sperm will float and mix with the eggs by attaching and pulling themselves. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) can perform on eggs, sperm fertilization as healthy sperm will inject directly into single eggs. It will divide into different cells and develop into fertilized eggs.
  • Transfer: Your expert will monitor the fertilized eggs till a stage and select healthy embryos. It will grow in the lab, and your expert will choose some to implant inside the female uterus. It will use the catheter to insert inside the uterus with selected fertilized eggs.
  • Results: Your embryo will stick to the uterine wall and start developing and, after two weeks, a blood test will confirm the pregnancy results.

Where to have successful IVF treatment in Nepal?

The SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best IVF clinic in Nepal. They have completed many families through IVF and other fertility treatments. Their main focus is to provide happiness and help people facing infertility issues and not merely money-minded. Their best fertility doctors and specialists have high experience and well-educations.   

The best centre has the highest IVF success rate in Nepal. They offer affordable IVF in Nepal with packages and other financial facilities. 

They have top approaches and advanced methods for successful IVF in Nepal 2022. They have a 53% success rate of IVF in Nepal using self eggs and sperm.  

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