Laparoscopy cost in Kathmandu Nepal

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Laparoscopy uses two methods: first diagnosis and second treatment. The diagnostic laparoscopic helps to identify the condition of the abdomen of a person. Surgical laparoscopic treatment to remove unwanted components like stone and growths.

The laparoscopic is an invasive and less risky form of treatment. In the procedure, a device known as a laparoscope has a light and high-resolution camera on the top to assist the expert. The laparoscope inserts into the abdomen the attached light and focuses on the inside parts of the pelvic area. The camera assists doctors as it sends images of the inside to the monitor.

Laparoscopy helps in infertility conditions also to locate and treat it. The infertility conditions in which the laparoscopy treatment will help:

  • The fibroid is a non-cancerous growth of the uterus. It is the cause of infertility in women. Fertilized eggs and the uterine wall are obstructed by benign tumours.
  • Endometriosis is a condition when the growth of the tissues occurs outside the uterus wall. Endometriosis is a reason for infertility in women. Because of it, the woman faces many problems like heavy bleeding during menstruation.
  • Ovaries cysts in which the egg does not mature and due to hormonal imbalance stick into the ovaries and stops the way of other eggs. Ovaries cysts cause women infertility. It also causes other problems like pelvic pain, irregular ovulation and many more.  

The laparoscopy treatment also assists in:   

  • The laparoscopy treatment helps in removing an ectopic pregnancy. It is a pregnancy that grows outside the uterus. In this condition, the fertilized eggs do not conceive in the uterus. It will threaten the woman life.  
  • Laparoscopy use as a hysterectomy to remove the uterus from a women body. Laparoscopy will help to cure cancer, abnormal bleeding, or any disorders in the abdomen.
  • Laparoscopy helps in inserting the birth control device into the uterus. The procedure is known as tubal ligation.

To whom is laparoscopy in Nepal?

Laparoscopy advises the woman patient on several conditions for the treatment as well as a diagnosis also. Laparoscopy uses for treatment and diagnosis as such: 

  • The woman facing severe pain in the abdomen or pelvis due to an unknown condition
  • The person feels a lump in the abdomen; laparoscopy will help to examine the problem.
  • The person has abdominal cancer. The laparoscopy treatment will help to remove cancer from the abdomen.
  • Women facing heavier bleeding during the menstruation cycle
  • The woman wants to have a birth control device so, laparoscopic will assists experts to insert the device into the uterus.
  • Laparoscopy also helps to find out the blockages and damages of the fallopian tube inside the woman body.

What are the common side effects of laparoscopy?

The most common side effects of laparoscopy are infection, bleeding and damage to organs in the abdomen.

In rare conditions, the patient feels some severe side effects. In this situation, they should contact their doctors:

  • Severe fever with chills and cold
  • Dizziness and blurriness
  • Uncontrollable pain in the abdomen  
  • the problem at the incision site like bleeding, swelling and pain
  • having nausea or vomiting
  • Heavy cough
  • Breathing problems like shortness of breath
  • Patient unable to urinate
 The procedure of laparoscopic treatment in Nepal: 
The procedure of laparoscopy performs under the guidance of experts and specialists in hospitals and clinics.   
  The surgery performs with general anaesthesia to relax the muscles of the patient and prevent pain. 
  The patient will lie down on the hospital bed in the position of feet is higher than the head. 
  The expert makes a small cut near the navel of the person. The experts also make another incision nears the public hairline. 
  The device, laparoscope attaches with a high-resolution camera and light, assists in the procedure. The expert inserts the laparoscope in the naval incision. 
  The camera sends the inner view of the patient abdomen to the experts through the monitor. 
  If the laparoscopy treatment is using so, surgical devices require with the laparoscope. The devices will remove the scar tissue and the samples of tissues. The second incision on the public hairline will assist the surgeons by providing another entrance through which the surgical instruments can insert into the uterus and the process completed. 
  After the laparoscopy, the patient will observe by the doctors in the hospital for several hours. In a rare case, the patient stays in the hospital for more than one day. 
  The patient needs to visit the clinic after six to seven days of laparoscopy. 
  The patient will advise having someone travel them from the clinic to home after the surgery as the patient will not allow for driving for some hours after the surgery. 

Laparoscopy treatment cost in Nepal

laparoscopy cost in Kathmandu Nepal ranges from NPR 1,50,000. The cost of laparoscopic treatment in Nepal depends on the condition of the patient. Laparoscopy is affordable in Nepal as the price is lesser than in other countries.

The cost of laparoscopic treatment depends on the type and reason for treatment. Like, the patient requires cancer treatment so, the cost of laparoscopy treatment in Nepal will impact. If the patient requires laparoscopy for tubal ligation, the price may be lower.

The laparoscopy treatment includes anaesthesia, surgical devices and hospitalization approximately for one day.

The laparoscopy cost in Nepal  might change with the experience of experts and the reputation of the centre in Nepal.  


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