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Treatments to infertility issues like one for Azoospermia requires consolidate treatment methods for curing infertility. Innovative medical procedures available now-a-days has helped creating a picture which helps people see themselves out of any of the medical condition even if it is a concern related to male fertility treatment in Nepal.

At our male fertility treatment in Nepal, you are going to experience effective fertility treatments available to us. We aim to rectify every kind of infertility into men and women coming at our center. Whether it is a concern related to sperm problem or there is an infertility issue to woman, everything finds the right cure at us at Surrogate Mother Nepal, Nepal.

Causes To Azoospemia



  • Hereditary conditions, for example, inalienable common nonattendance of the vas deferens, may have an impact on sperm transport.
  • Diseases of the male conceptive framework, for example, in the testicles or prostate, may include to male richness.
  • Injury may cause to azoospermia. The previous damage or surgery to the spine, lower mid-region or male sex organs may reason for harm to the male regenerative framework as this may incorporate surgery on an inguinal hernia. So Trauma is prone to influence sperm creation or reason a hindrance in the vehicle of sperm.

A varicocele is a condition that causes the veins in the scrotum to wind up expanded.

  • Medicines, for example, steroids, anti-toxins, and medications used to tend to irritation or cancer may affect male fertility.
  • Smoking and drinking liquor might likewise cause issues with sperm generation.
  • Hereditary conditions may influence sperm creation or development of regenerative organs. These take in Klinefelter disorder and Kallmann disorder.
  • Anomalous hormone levels may be brought about by scatters of the testicles. Yes, this may influence the creation of sperm.
  • Radiation used to treat tumor may influence sperm generation.
  • Retrograde discharge is a condition that causes semen to go into the bladder in inclination to outside the body. Typically it is brought about by an issue with neck of the bladder and may be because of spinal rope wounds and diabetes.

Different reasons incorporate pesticides, warm, and undescended testes. Any of these can influence on sperm creation.

  • Incapability to get your partner pregnant
  • Enlarged body fat, body hair, and breast tissue
  • Clear, watery, or whitish discharge from the penis
  • Presence of swelling on the scrotum that feels like a bag of worms
  • Stress from not being able to conceive a child
  • Testicles that are small, soft, or cannot be felt
  • Veins that are enlarged, twisted may be seen in the scrotum

Diagnosis To Azoospermia 

  1. Physical examination: Right now to-concern, your doctor in charge is likely to search for indications of any imbalance in your hormones, for example, developed muscle to fat ratio, body hair, and breast tissue. Additionally the size and state of your testicles will be analyzed. Your caregiver might likewise do a Digital Rectal Exam to check your prostate and different parts of your regenerative framework.
  2. Biopsy: A biopsy is known as a method that is utilized to get a specimen of your testicle. Your caregiver may bring the sample with a needle or through a little entry point in the scrotum. At that point the sample is sent to a lab for tests. Yes, this will help in settling on the capacity of the testicles to produce ordinary sperm.
  3. Genetic testing: this may be executed to look for irregular qualities of genes. Anomalous qualities may cause to issues with sperm creation, sperm transport, or arrangement of the male conceptive organs.
  4. Blood test: blood test is required to so that information about overall health of the male having symptoms of azoospermia can be found out
  5. Semen analysis: semen analysis is done to check on the man fertility. Semen samples are being taken out to check the fertility of the person experiencing symptoms of azoospermia.
  6. MRI: during an MRI sessions, the pictures of your pituitary gland would be taken to look out for the cause of the infertility in a man.
  7. Venography: with this test the position of the vein in the scrotum is checked.
  8. Scrotal ultrasound: This makes utilization of sound waves to hit upon bumps and different changes in your testicles and scrotum. Likewise these tests may be utilized to guarantee for a varicocele or any missing parts of the conceptive or reproductive system.

Male Fertility Treatment In Nepal

  • Medicines: medicines are given to cure infection in reproductive system if any is there. Use of hormones can be made to look for hormonal inequity.
  • Percutaneous embolization: This is called as a method that may be utilized to treat a varicocele. A block is made in the expanded veins, so this stops the stream of blood inside the vein.
  • Surgery: surgery is required in conditions when varicocele is required to be repaired or there is a requirement of repairing blocked vas deferens.
  • A post- ejaculatory urinalysis: the test is performed after a man has ejaculated. The test aims to look for sperm in urine. It helps detecting problems related to ejaculation or person experiencing azoospermia symptoms.
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