Sahara International FertilityClinic

Sahara International Fertility Centre cures all your infertility issues 

Welcome to Sahara international fertility centre- the all in one name for surrogacy purposes in Nepal. This surrogacy centre Nepal will provide you with state-of-art technology for resolving infertility issues through surrogacy. We are the one foremost organization offering every bits and bytes of surrogacy ready for you at just a call. Come to our clinic or visit our site online, we promise you to get your smile back with a beautiful baby born as your own through this surrogacy clinic Kathmandu.

Facilities at Sahara International Fertility Centre

  • Sahara International Fertility centre is known for offering renowned surrogacy facilities at a rate that would not burn your pocket at all.
  • Surrogates at Sahara international are recruited through strict procedure. Selection is done at strict parameters made up by the clinic itself.
  • Sahara founds its place among some of the renowned surrogacy centers in Nepal offering surrogacy services at its best.
  • The clinic houses 20 ICUS, 11 CCUS and 5 NICS with discrete medicinal gas supply for the confinement rooms. Surrogates are provided rooms equipped with modern facilities such as ACs and televisions.

Surrogates at Sahara 

  • Sahara International Fertility Centre offers surrogacy to ladies under 35 years old.
  • The ladies should not be a smoker and must be an informed woman; with the goal that she can comprehend the procedure well having the consent from the family also. The clinic performs an extended inspection for the same.
  • This surrogacy centre Kathmandu strictly follows the rules of doing the physical check-up of the lady being the surrogate.
  • Besides testing the physical state of the ladies, she is additionally inspected mentally. Such tests demonstrate for the psychological ability of the surrogates and make them a perfect contender for the expected job.