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Baby exit process can seem to be a very tiring one if surplus efforts are not made in advance. The kind of company or hospital chosen for surrogacy purposes will play an important role in baby surrogacy baby exit Nepal.

When the baby gets born, the records of the conception or the surrogacy baby birth certificate Nepal of the baby is sent by the concerned hospital to the Municipal Corporation of the state or the Municipal Corporation of the city of child’s introduction to the world which is the Authority that issues the Birth Certificate and from there on the Birth Certificate is sent for getting consent of the concerned Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). This process may take up to four to seven days itself counting from the birth of the child. The concerned hospital will work its best to help in providing surrogacy baby birth certificate Nepal.

The Certificate Necessities While Surrogacy Baby Exit Nepal 

You will need to be arranged with a suitable name of the child on infant’s birth to the world and load up the necessary information with the right spelling of the baby’s name at the hospital. The name provided in these data will be used on surrogacy baby birth certificate Nepal. The data provided on the name will be recorded in the region office and will be show on the forms filled up as surrogacy baby exit Nepal procedure.

The birth certificate will carry the name of intended mother and father and not the name of the surrogate the child is born with. The parental rights of the child after the birth of the baby are terminated to the intended parents. Surrogacy baby birth certificate Nepal will serve as the identification of the child when the parents will leave for the home country.

The role of DNA testing

DNA testing may be proposed to backing an application for an immigrant visa needed for smooth exit procedure. This implies DNA testing is not generally needed. It remains as an insightful to make clear your circumstance with the baby born through surrogacy. Once the DNA results get on some way or another over to the Embassy you may call them to tell them the details of the baby born through surrogacy and let them know about surrogacy bay exit certificate Nepal. Subsequently, they will advise the mailroom to expect your outcomes and personal information.

For a few nations like the US and Australia, you will need to buy a DNA unit online a couple of weeks before the conception of your infant and send the pack to your nation’s consulate in New Delhi. However, in case of surrogacy through Nepal, no major complications are required to be handled for surrogacy baby passport Nepal. In this way, the pack will be accessible with the concerned embassy when your infant is conceived and you look for a meeting with the consulate for DNA test.

Documents required with intended parents at the time of surrogacy Exit process Nepal 

  • Letter from consulate (they keep the original since it is addressed to them)
  • Surrogacy Agreement (Original Copy provided from the clinic)
  • Ticket showing your departure date
  • Passport for both parents and Visa for both parents
  • Copy of baby’s passport
  • Letter from Clinic
  • Letter from Baby delivery hospital
  • Letter from the surrogate motherrelinquishing all rights and confirming she has received all payments.
  • Two 2×2 photos of the baby
  • US$80 worth of Rupees at prevailing exchange rates
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