Consider Our Surrogate Home For A Suitable Stay Of Your Surrogate

Consider the word-“Help” liable to boost one’s life at another level of happy living.

Help, support and offer a whole new level of care to surrogate is what surrogatemotherNepal works for providing a comfortable stay to their surrogates at surrogate home. Surrogacy is tenure full of unexpected pain and a greater mud swing as women go through pregnancy that just not changes their physical appearance but behavior also. At this point of time what is needed the best is proper care to surrogates at a place where they can find buddies like them and thus surrogate house is the best choice.

We welcome you to surrogate home supported by SM Nepal  Hospital that is a place maintained for surrogates to offer the best care to them that could be afforded. Surrogate house at our destination is a separate five storey building each level having five to six rooms equipped fully with modern amenities to help surrogate feel a comfortable stay. The rooms are being cleaned and maintained properly because the surrogate health matters the most to us and moreover she is the one who carries your child.

Our Goals For Surrogate House Are A List Of Amenities Bulleted Below:

  • To offer an environment that helps the surrogate feel comfortable living around
  • To offer the best care regarding surrogate’s health, the food she eats and the condition she lives in
  • To clean and maintain cleanliness all around for assuring sound health of surrogate
  • To help surrogate meet with other surrogate in the surrogate home only for offering a sense of equality
  • To teach them of their rights they should be provided while surrogacy

Welfare Of Surrogates 

We not only help surrogate live in the best condition but also offer them their fare share of finances earned that helps them raise financially. Of course we employ physically and mentally sound surrogates whose health for the next nine months period after conceiving the baby is a liability to us we pay off proudly.


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