Patients From Abroad Adorn Our Pool Of Services Offered To Intended Parents 

Services satisfaction is the keyword we the IVF professionals work for at Surrogate Mother Nepal. This is not just a statement we have thrown just like that but actually is quote we have receive during treating patients for their IVF solutions.

As indicated by the different reviews, numerous patients who go in Nepal from abroad for IVF treatment are truly discovered exceptionally fulfilled by the standard of consideration and nature of treatment they get. Then again, in the event that you think voyaging abroad for treatment, you are encouraged to perform exhaustive examination.

At us, we prompt that you are a click-away to trust you have a demonstrated record on quality and norms. Likewise, we advance you take various issues into thought, including:

Standards And Safety In Nepal 

At us, the level of lawful or administrative benchmarks of facilities in abroad nations varies incredibly and not all nations will have associations identical to us. A few spots have no exact laws or regulations relating to aided reproductive services but at Surrogate Mother Nepal laws are being abided so that surrogacy can be done under legal framework.

Patient’s Care

At Surrogate Mother Nepal, patients are being offered VIP care in a chance of offering the best services to them.

Medical Services For Patients Include:

  • Medical opinion for IVF Surrogacy services by the selected IVF specialist.
  • Responding of all questions and clarifications before surrogacy starts.
  • Egg donor profiles, selection and booking of selected donor.
  • Surrogate mother profiles selection and booking of selected surrogate, if needed.
  • Skype calling by us and our IVF specialist
  • Cycling coordination and medications of the donor
  • Female IP with surrogate mother to go with IP’s arrival plans in Nepal.
  • Legal contract drafts for approval from Intended Parents.
  • List of hotels and service apartments with discussed rates and booking of IP in the selected accommodation.
  • A RM [Relationship Manager] from the clinic to coordinate all your appointments at the clinic, day care admission for oocyte pick up, embryo transfer, surrogate mother meeting etc.
  • VIP services to intended parents

The Admission Procedure Includes: 

  • A comprehensive range of facilities ensures that all the expertise necessary for your well-being is made available.
  • For room reservation please contact the Admission Counter along with the doctor’s admission request.
  • In case of emergency, you will be first admitted in the Emergency unit and later shifted to the room.
  • A cot or a couch will be provided in your room to facilitate the stay of your attendant. In the General Wards, a reclining chair is provided.
  • When a patient is shifted to CT ICU / CCU the attendants may vacate the room and avail the services of the waiting hall which is located at the rear entrance of the main block.
  • Patients availing credit facility have to provide an authorization / credit letter from the company, which should be handed over at the admission counter during the time of admission.

Category Of Rooms Available To Us

  • Apollo Suite – Rooms designed as Apollo suite consists of three luxuriously appointed air-conditioned rooms, including a dining room and a waiting room. It has a patient cot, an attendant cot, two televisions, sofa sets, two telephones, refrigerator, a dining table, computer with internet connection, wardrobe, microwave oven and a massage chair.
  • Suite Room – At a suite room you will have well-furnished air-conditioned rooms including the dining room and the waiting room. It has a patient cot, an attendant cot, one television, sofa sets, a telephone, refrigerator, wardrobe, computer with internet connection, microwave oven and a dining table.
  • Official Room – This is a vast cooled room with TV, phone, cooler, couch set, closet, a patient bed, a specialist bed, PC with web association, microwave, broiler and an eating table.
  • Deluxe Room – This is an individual air-conditioned room larger than a single room. It comprises a patient cot, an attendant cot, television, telephone, refrigerator, cupboard and sofa.
  • Single Room – This is an individual air-conditioned room with attached washroom located on a specially designated floor. This room has a television, telephone and a couch
  • Semi-Private Room – Two Air-Conditioned rooms inter-connected by a washroom. Each room has a television, telephone and a couch.
  • Double Sharing Room – This is an air-conditioned room with 2 beds separated by a screen and a washroom. This has a television, telephone, and a couch.
  • Special General Ward – This is a room with 3 beds and a washroom and an attendant couch.
  • General ward – This is similar to a dormitory with 6 to 10 beds and a common washroom. Every bed is provided with a cupboard, footstool, food trolley, a screen between each bed and a washroom.
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