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What is the best egg donor in Kathmandu

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egg donor in Kathmandu: In reproduction, the eggs and sperm are the crucial parts. They have to be high in quality and fast in movement. As per a study, it notices that many patients face infertility. The reason for infertility is the low quality of sperm and egg. The quality of eggs decreases due to many reasons as the age of women. At higher age, the efficiency of women to produce quality eggs decreases. For these reasons, donor eggs are the best alternative available. Donor donates their eggs and the use of that egg by doctors in IVF treatment. For successful IVF treatment normal condition eggs and sperm is important.

 Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. The fertility centres of Kathmandu offer many infertility treatments.  The donor eggs offers by the fertility clinic of Kathmandu. The cost of donor eggs is lower in Kathmandu than in other countries.

The purpose of donor eggs is to help infertile women by providing for them and helping them in becoming parents naturally. The donors thorough examine before the donation.  


Every patient with infertility conditions needs the best help. It can only assist with the top procedure. And assisted reproductive techniques have advanced methods. Thus, you just need the best fertility centre. And SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL can be the best one. Because,

  • Experienced medical team
  • High fertility success rates
  • Advanced IVF treatment in Nepal
  • Benefits for suitable IVF cost in Nepal
  • Many treatments and processes
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To whom egg donor recommends in Kathmandu?

The donor eggs suggest in different infertility conditions of women such as:

  • The woman has Multiple miscarriages
  • Women facing Infertility issues
  • The woman Failed in the number of IVF cycles
  • Women have the risk of Any genetic disorder
  • The woman with Damage of ovaries due to injury 
  • The woman Unable to produce eggs 
  • Women facing Irregular ovulation
  • Women at high age 
  • The woman facing early menopause due to surgery
  • Single women intended to be a parent.
  • Men can have the donor eggs in the condition of same-sex couples.

How donor eggs select in Kathmandu?

The donor eggs use when a woman cannot produce quality eggs. The donor eggs must be from a healthy woman physically and mentally. The donor eggs should be free from diseases and be able to produce high-quality eggs. How do the donors eggs selects in Kathmandu for IVF treatment?

Before selecting, the donor undergoes different screenings. The screenings are:

Physical examination

The doctors physically examine the donor based on her height, weight, age and appearance. The overweight females are not allowed to donate as the quality of eggs will be less. The age of women should be between 20 to 30 years. Women with high age have fewer eggs quality.  


To determine the condition of reproductive organs, women undergo ultrasounds. 

Screening of diseases

Through few blood tests, the screening of surrogate-based on any infectious diseases available or any inherited disorder that can pass on to the child through eggs. 

Psychology screening

The vital step is to examine the mental health of egg donors. The mental health of the donor should be stable for the resulted child.    

Drug test

The doctors examine the allergies of donors to various medications that will use during the IVF and will pass on to the child. 

Procedure of IVF with donor eggs

  • Consultancy

The expert counsels the patients for the use of donor eggs and the method of treatment. The counsellor consults the patients about other issues. The age of the patient should be less for the procedure. Women with high age have fewer chances to conceive.

  • Selection of donor

The donor selection depends on their reliability and suitability. 

The donor should match the criteria of egg donors. The donor should have the same colour of eye, skin and hair. 

  • Preparing

The doctors prepare the patients by collecting the donor eggs and sperm from the patient. The preparation helps them to diagnose the health and to arrange the eggs and sperm before the procedure. Sperm retrieval does through many different techniques as the surgical sperm aspirations. In the preparation, the doctors screen the severe diseases in the patients suffering from them. The uterus of women prepares for the implantation of eggs. 

  • Insemination

The donor eggs and sperm inseminate and form an embryo in the laboratory. The fertile eggs monitor in the lab for 4 to 5 days to determine the growth. After monitoring, doctors transfer the fertilized egg into the uterus of women. 

  • Pregnancy test 

The result of pregnancy can confirm through blood tests. The positive pregnancy leads to normal pregnancy and further procedures.

 The negative pregnancy result of the patients needs to repeat the cycle of IVF using donor eggs. 

The cost of egg donor in Kathmandu

The donor eggs use with IVF and the cost of IVF with donor eggs is lower. The cost of donor eggs in Nepal ranges from INR 1,00,000 to INR 2,00,000. The donor eggs cost is highly reasonable than in other countries. The success of pregnancy with donor eggs is high.

The cost of IVF in Kathmandu Nepal, ranges from INR 3,00,000 to 3,80,000.

 The IVF cost with egg Donor in Kathmandu Nepal can affect by the number of cycles, method of sperm retrieval, age of the patients, the reputation of the fertility centre, place of treatment and medication charges.  

Surrogate Mother Nepal

The clinic in Kathmandu is a reputed clinic for fertility treatments. The clinic offers perfect treatments to treat and have patients a biological child. 

The fertility centre is the best IVF centre in Nepal. The cost of IVF in the centre is lower than in other fertility centres of Nepal. 

The SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best that provide donor eggs to the patient who needs. It provides the best eggs and sperm donor. The cost of egg donors is lower in the centre. 

The best centre provides security consultancy and treatment.  

They have high success rates in many infertility treatments. They have helped many infertile patients to have their babies in their arms. Many patients have choose infertility treatments in the SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL because of the lower treatment cost in Kathmandu. It is lesser than in other developed countries. 

What affects the IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal?

The IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal is much more affordable. Even though, if it includes the egg donor cost in Nepal. Still, the charges are much more suitable than in other nations. Because, the treatment charges in developed countries are higher. It affects the couple’s budget. Since, they cannot afford the process. Thus, the best IVF center in Kathmandu is the best decision.

With it, the egg donor in Kathmandu is the best option. But various factors can affect your charges of IVF egg donor in Nepal. It depends on several aspects. And your total charges can increase than the basic.

The following factor can increase your IVF with egg donor cost in Nepal:

  • You have advanced age. So, the couple’s chances can decrease. Because, it affects fertility and overall health.
  • The male partner has severe infertility conditions. As you have no sperm count. Or sperm health has extreme problems.
  • Your best IVF centre in Nepal can affect your charges. Because, many of them have hidden charges. It causes problems for the couple’s budget.
  • The treatment location can also your treatment price. As various places have procedures. But many places have high charges. It causes problems in the budget.

How much success is with the egg donor in Kathmandu?

You can have the egg donor in Kathmandu. Since, it helps in the best IVF results. Because IVF is the topmost process. Also, IVF has the best success rates. Moreover, with the egg donor in Nepal, it chances increase. As the female eggs do not have healthy eggs. The egg donor helps in achieving the pregnancy result. Your IVF success rate in Nepal can also increase. Because the best IVF centre in Nepal is available. And they have top procedures. These support the treatment process with advanced technologies.

How we are the best in Nepal?

SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best IVF centre in Nepal. You can have the top method for pregnancy. We have many advanced facilities. Such as:

  • Top-notch assistances
  • Treatments for every issue
  • Packages and instalment facilities
  • Many successful patients
  • Higher fertility treatment success rates in Nepal
  • Email:
  • Or call for booking: +977-9808978369


What to focus on during my IVF treatment?

IVF includes several stages. It helps in successful pregnancy outcomes. You can have the best method. As many sterility issues can manage. With advanced approaches, IVF provides top results. Also, IVF has top results than any other method. During the IVF process, you need to focus on certain things. First, IVF needs healthy eggs and sperm. So, your eggs and sperm have top health. Then, the couple must have high fitness. Any addiction or health issue will cause the problem. And your conception chances will decrease. Lastly, you have to pick the best process. It depends on your conditions. And your expert can also recommend the best one.

Why choose the best IVF process?

IVF is much better than any other process. Because it involves the top method. Also, any other procedure can include. And it increases pregnancy chances. You can have treatment as per issues. It also has advanced technologies. So, you can conceive the baby. The best IVF process is necessary to choose. Because IVF is not the same for every couple. It depends on various factors. Some couples can conceive with a single IVF. But many face problems during pregnancy. Because of their extreme infertility issues. So, you need the best method with top help.

How does IVF more successful than other methods?

IVF treatment has the top process. It helps in better pregnancy results. Many infertility issues can manage with the method. And the couple can have the best process as per their problems. You can have a successful result. Also, the baby will have genetic relations. And IVF is the only method that can include different procedures. No other treatment can have another process. Because, the IVF process has advanced stages. Many top-notch methods help in pregnancy. And you can conceive the baby. So, IVF is much more successful than other methods. It is the best ART process. And you can choose for top pregnancy outcome.

Is my IVF success guaranteed?

Well, the IVF process, success, or cost is not the same for everyone. Because it depends on various factors. Some couples with top health and gametes have a high chance. But couples with severe issues face problems. It affects their conception chances. And IVF success can never be guaranteed. With it, you can have top IVF success. It is possible with the best IVF centre. They have top procedures and methods. So, your conception chances will increase. Also, they use top-notch technologies. These help in a better process. Moreover, the fertility doctor can help. Because their high qualifications and expertise provide top methods. And you can conceive the baby.

What is the IVF method in brief?

The IVF process includes top stages. It performs with advanced technologies. And in the experienced doctors’ observation. Your conception chances are much higher. Because it has the best process. First, a couple’s issues confirm and test. The medical examinations help. Then, the female eggs will increase with the medications. It releases inside the uterus from the vagina. And your eggs will collect. The expert uses advanced technologies. As the catheter and ultrasound. These inserts into the female uterus. And a needle helps in collecting the egg. With it, the male partner’s sperm will collect. Then, your expert will fertilize the gametes. After it, the top fertilized eggs will implant inside the female uterus.

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