What is azoospermia treatment cost in Nepal 2022?

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What is azoospermia in Nepal?

For many reasons, many men cannot impregnate their female partners. Male fertility plays an equal role in the conception of partners. Because of their inability to conceive, many couples cannot become parents. The eggs and sperm should be in good health and insufficient quantities to produce successful and desirable outcomes. Today, people live a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle that affects their health and causes severe infertility.

Azoospermia is a crucial concern in male infertility problems. In this case, no sperm count is present in a semen sample produced by the male. Many issues cause azoospermia in the male partner, which ultimately causes infertility. In several situations, it is curable and, through treatment, provides better results. It can happen due to any blockage, damage, or hormonal changes. Azoospermia in Nepal has a better chance to become parents.

Nepal is the best developing country with top approaches and the best centre for infertility treatments. Nepal has borrowed instruments and equipment from developed countries. Treatments in the best centres can help men and women deal with various infertility issues. Azoospermia cost in Nepal is more reasonable than in different countries. It is highly affordable and helps people have a pregnancy with a healthy child. Male infertility treatment in Nepal has treated many men and provided successful results.

What problems does a man face during azoospermia?

In different cases, the male partner does not have any known problems that would indicate their situation of having no sperm count. It is diagnosed during the conception attempt when it fails, and after several attempts, you will consult an expert. You have a genetic disorder and a hormonal imbalance, so have a high chance of azoospermia. Other difficulties may arise, such as:

  • You have less interest and drive during sexual intercourse.
  • You have erectile dysfunction that will cause poor ejaculation.
  • You are feeling less hair growth on your face and body.
  • You feel pain or a lump around your testicles.
  • The female partner has a healthy fertility condition but can still not be pregnant.
  • The male testicles are small in size or unstructured.  

How will your expert diagnose it in the male partner?

Azoospermia in Nepal diagnoses through the expert that is causing partners childlessness. Your expert will use a microscope to check your semen sample for the presence of sperm count. It does not have any sperm count visible, known as an azoospermia condition. They will perform the following tests to determine the situations:

  • Your doctor will confirm your previous health, fertility condition, injury to the pelvic area, uterine tract infection, any surgery, radiation contact, exposure to fever, heat, and family defect history.
  • Your expert will examine your entire body to determine the maturity of your genitals and organs. They will examine the size of your testicles, as well as any tenderness, swelling, and blockage within the tract.
  • The blood testing will measure the hormonal level of the male body. It will confirm the no sperm count due to any hormonal changes.
  • Your doctor can perform an x-ray or ultrasound to locate the blockage, tumour, or any dysfunction present inside the reproductive tract. The health of your pituitary gland will confirm through a brain checkup.
  • The testicular tissue sample will be biopsy through the expert to know the presence of sperm and can retrieve in the future.

Does it have types in Nepal?

Yes, it has mainly two types, depending on the patients condition. Obstructive and non-obstructive azoospermia are the two types that mean at which factor you have a problem.

  1. Obstructive: In the case of any blockage, vas deference, or any malfunction in the reproductive tract, the semen sample will not contain the sperm in ejaculation. It may be possible that you are producing sperm, but it is not exiting the body and coming with a semen sample.

If you have any obstructions inside your reproductive system that prevent sperm from leaving the body, Any previous surgery, injury, cysts fibroids, or vasectomy affect sperm production by creating a blockage inside the tract.

  • Non-obstructive: It happens in the healthy reproductive tract of the male partner, but other factors are affecting it. It happens due to any internal factors that affect the production of sperm through the reproductive system. Your expert cannot locate the sperm inside the other reproductive parts of the male body. It happens due to radiation contact during treatment, poor hormonal conditions, genetic disorders (Kallmann syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome), damage to the pituitary gland, taking medicines for a long period, etc.  

How does azoospermia treat in Nepal?

The sort of azoospermia treatment in Nepal will determine through your health and the diagnostic result. In obstructive azoospermia, the doctor recommends surgery because sperm is present in other reproductive parts. Your reproductive function will take back to the conventional process through surgical techniques. It will continue the sperm flow outside during ejaculation.  

  1. Surgery: In the case of a reproductive tract blockage, your expert will suggest surgery can remove the blockage present inside the tubes and reconnect them for conventional function.
  2. Medicines: You do not produce sperm because of poor hormonal levels. It will manage through hormones like Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), human chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG), Clomiphene, Anastrazole, and letrozole increase sperm production through the reproductive tract.
  3. SSR: Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR) is a procedure that collects male sperm from the testicles.A sharp needle inserts inside the testicles and aspirates the fluids sperm. The expert will assemble it for conception in the assisted reproduction technique.
  4. Vasectomy reversal is a minor procedure that reconnects the tubes that deliver sperm from the reproductive system to the penis. It can help with fertility restoration because the body produces sperm; the only issue is getting it out because the tubes are not connected.
How much does azoospermia treatment cost in India?

The azoospermia cost in Nepal is more reasonable than in developed countries. Many centres in Nepal are available with the latest technologies and up-to-date techniques that provide successful processes at fair prices. 

The azoospermia price in Nepal includes treating the problem and regulating the conventional function of the male reproductive system.

Your cost of azoospermia in Nepal will depend on the treatment type you select and the reason for your problem. The expert offers a surgical procedure to remove the blockage and reconnect the tubes in obstructive circumstances. It employs an invasive procedure and expensive surgical instruments. The best azoospermia clinic in Nepal has a high success rate in assisting the condition and providing top results. They have IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), and donor assistance to provide successful conception results to infertility patients. The SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best centre, with cutting-edge technology and experienced doctors. They have the best azoospermia specialist doctor in Nepal.

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