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At us, there is a complete range of surrogacy Nepal services available to avail with liberal supports of surrogates. We promise you a “complete success in surrogacy” and not something that is just a flash in the pan. The services we provide that is surrogacy are not possible without generous support from our surrogate mothers. A surrogate is someone who carries a pregnancy for intended parents and hands over the custody of the child as soon as the kid is born. Surrogacy in Nepal is a venture of Surrogate Mother Nepal in conjunction with some of the experienced gynecologist from India.

  • Surrogacy in Nepal is a procedure that helps you get your biological successor through surrogacy. We at Surrogate Mother Nepal act as a pool between the surrogate and the intended parents.
  • We recruit surrogates and keep up the database of the same that will be shown to you once you visit us for hiring a surrogate mother Nepal.
  • At Surrogate Mother Nepal, we take pleasure in providing you with online assistance with the help of which you can directly ship your semen sample. There is no requirement of visiting our clinic personally. In case, you wish to visit our clinic, we welcome you for the same.
  • Once your semen samples are selected we will inform you for the same and will share the profiles of our surrogates for starting surrogacy in Nepal.
  • Once you are satisfied with the choice of surrogate, we will start your surrogacy program and the surrogate will be given proper care during the surrogacy tenure.
  • Gestational surrogacy is a preferred surrogacy choice wherein the surrogate is not related genetically to the child
  • We ensure a safe environment for the surrogate as well as the baby born. You will only need to visit us at the time of picking up the baby.

  • Surrogacy in Nepal is not bounded with legal procedures that you will have to undergo. Laws are lenient towards Nepal surrogacy, which gives enough space for gay couples and singles to participate in surrogacy in Nepal
  • Whosoever wishes to join the program can become participate in surrogacy Nepal as it is a country that allows surrogacy either for gays or for singles also. Heterosexually married couples are always welcomed in any of the locations in Nepal.
  • Only formality that gays or singles would be required doing is to present a certificate of requiring surrogacy from the home clinic.
  • Nepal surrogacy entertains surrogacy for gays as well as for singles and thus one can find a number of clinic offering surrogacy services to gays.
  • Surrogate Mother Nepal has a list of successful Nepal surrogacy tales to be featured to those coming with a query for surrogacy in Nepal.

  • Surrogacy with own egg is all there to satisfy the desire of couples wishing to have a biological innate of their own.
  • Surrogacy with own eggs is of course a money saving method as it saves the cash to be spent on the eggs if collected from a donor.
  • Surrogate Mother Nepal promotes surrogacy with own egg, in which the donor is one of the intended parents.
  • With own egg donation intended parents can save huge amounts of as fee for arranging a donor could be saved with self egg donation.
  • Money can also be saved as egg donor compensation as well as on egg donor agency fee. This can save up to $ 15,000 to $ 20,000 for single gays or for gay couples.
  • An egg donor can be your friend or family member as an egg donor for Nepal surrogacy will offer you an ideal situation for the same.
  • Offering your egg as a donor egg may decrease your chance of success rate if you are more than 30 years of age.
  • Donating egg at a later stage of life losses its capacity of fertilizing and ultimately success decreases.
  • However, money saved by utilizing your egg can be spent on the attempts of making pregnancy chances increased to greater extents.

Surrogacy with an egg donor serves as an alternative for self egg donation 

  • In any of the cases, if self egg donation is not possible, there is always a chance of choosing your egg donor from the clinic contacted.
  • Choosing your egg from egg donor offers you a greater opportunity to increase the chance of pregnancy by choosing a surrogate who is less than 30 years of age.
  • It has been researched than using egg of surrogates less than 30 or 35 years of age results in live pregnancy by over 60%.
  • Women having age of 35-37 have a pregnancy chances of 37%, on the other hand, women in the age group of 38-40 years have 28% chances of offering a live pregnancy as a surrogate.
  • 16% chances are there for women in the age group 41-42.
  • Women in the age group of 43-44 years of age have a success rate of 6%. Thus, we can say than lower the age higher is the chances of pregnancy.
  • On the other hand, women at latter stages of life can face difficulties if chooses to be the surrogate.
  • An egg donor can be an acquaintance or a person arranged by the clinic depending upon the suggestion liked by the intended parents (gay couple, single or a heterosexual couples).

Surrogates care at surrogacy Nepal centre 

  • Surrogates are given a delightful environment at surrogacy homes so that they can have a comfortable stay while surrogacy Nepal
  • While you visit to surrogate mother Nepal for either your sperm collection or just meeting the surrogate, you can visit the surrogate home with the permission from the concerned agency.
  • There is no hard and fast rules to be maintained before meeting the surrogates at surrogacy Nepal home and it is also a great chance for you to know you surrogate personally.
  • Surrogate mother Nepal while their stay at surrogate homes is given all the required things to make their surrogacy tenure a relaxed period. The requirements are fulfilled by sponsored by the Nepal surrogacy clinic the payment for which is subtitled to gay couple or single taking up the surrogacy facility.
  • Cleanliness is well maintained at surrogates homes so that surrogates can be given an environment that safe for to be born baby.
  • Surrogates are also required to be kept in a good health so that they can cope up with the physical changes.

Sessions for surrogacy Nepal

  • The surrogacy Nepal procedure goes step-by-step and the success of each of the procedure matters the most for the success of the entire procedure.
  • The IVF sessions for collecting the eggs will go as described in the following stages.
  • 1st stage: special medication is prescribed to a surrogate to evaluate eggs in quantity so that surrogacy can be started.
  • 2nd stage- the eggs produced inside woman’s body is then removed out by using a hollow needle that is passed through the cavity of the pelvis. This process can turn out to be much painful for the female taking part in the procedure. The pain might remain for a week or more. However, it is just a normal sign and females need not be worried about it.
  • 3rd stage- insemination is the next stage in this procedure, which basically means to fertilize the egg in the laboratory. This fertilization is monitored closely to make sure the process is going on well.
  • 4th stage- after the egg is fertilized it is then placed into the womb of the intended or surrogate mother. Surrogate mothers can easily be hired by paying them the surrogacy cost. This cost in India is affordable when compared with the cost in foreign countries.
  • 5th stage- the women is then allowed to take rest and look out for the early signs of pregnancy. The pregnancy is confirmed by a blood test following with an ultrasound.
  • The male partner or the gay can also be stimulated with special medication to produce stronger sperm that can win the race over pregnancy.
  • Semen samples are required to be of premium quality so that pregnancy can be a successful venture for gay couples or single as per surrogacy Nepal

Staying in Kathmandu

  • Kathmandu in the suburbs of Nepal will offer you a number of staying facilities in Kathmandu.
  • The hotels are equipped with state-of-art facilities so that tourists can have a good time there. What more will be offered by hotels is bulleted below
  • The hotels in the Kathmandu are rated from two starts to a five star range. Depending upon your financial arrangement, you can choose one as per your preference.
  • The best thing about these hotels is that online booking is available there and thus bookings can easily be done from overseas.
  • The hotels offer you food, lodging and other facilities that include both traditional, continental and other food items as per the demand of the clients.
  • The food can be order anytime as the room service facilities are available 24*7 for clients.
  • It is advised to choose a nearby hotel to the surrogacy Nepal clinic, if you are visiting surrogate home personally. It will save your time as well as money to travel to the surrogacy clinic for meeting your surrogate
  • Intended parents are required to come to pick the baby two day before the baby is to born to fulfill the legalities and visa arrival information to the home embassy.

Visiting Nepal for Surrogacy

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Arrival in Kathmandu

  • Any foreigner can enter into suburbs of Nepal either with a non-immigrant visa for staying temporary or with an immigrant visa for temporary stay.
  • The visas must have authorized permission for the person to enter into the state. The time of the extension can be extended as per the requirement.
  • There is a facility of medical visa with surrogacy Nepal for the tourists coming from abroad region. The visa easily offers permission of staying into Nepal for surrogacy for as much time as it is required either by gay couple or singles.
  • Tourist visa on arrival is all there for patients wishing to visit the surrogacy Nepal center just for picking up the baby.
  • To avail an easy stay at Nepal a medical visa or a visa on arrival can help you provide an easy stay at the state.
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