Consider Success Rate Of IVF Procedure At Surrogate Mother Nepal

Our success depends on the satisfaction we provide to our patients through services provided at Surrogate Mother Nepal. Till date we have a success approach of 90% in different surgeries we offer to patients. Among these services, IVF has an important to discuss over here.

IVF medically is termed as In Vitro Fertilization, which is a process of fertilizing a woman’s egg in a laboratory with the sperm of a man. This process ends up by transferring the fertilized egg in to the womb of the intended mother. In case, the woman is medically not able to carry the child, surrogate mother can be contacted for the same.

In some of the countries, In Vitro Fertilization is not yet legally approved. However, Nepal is not in the list of countries that do not support IVF. In fact, the number of hospitals offering IVF in Nepal is more than any western or European nation. Success rate of IVF has already proved for the standards of treatment offered to patients.

Factors That Have An Effect On Success Rate Of IVF

  • The age of the woman – It makes a picture clear of her ovarian reserve.
  • The status of the uterus – Whether this falls absolutely normal, the quality of semen must also be cultured.
  • The success or failure rate of the fertilization in the vitro procedure.
  • The whole figure, the maturity level and the excellence of eggs that are retrieved to play a vital role too.
  • The total number of embryos that have been moved and cyro-preserved.
  • Whether the luteal phase post transfer gets sufficient or not.
  • The really reason of infertility falls as a major factor too that makes a decision over the success rate of IVF.

After all, it is also important to note here that the success rate of the IVF enhances with the increase of the IVF stimulation attempts. Usually it ranges for a maximum of 3-4 stimulation cycles

The Other Essential Factors Affecting Success Rate Of IVF

Likewise the success rate depends on how well the doctor or the center does backing to a couple wishing to persevere through the IVF system. Additionally it has been observed that when the patients are not preselected, there are greatest shots of the ladies fulfilling their fantasy to be moms.

Female patients who are low responders and the individuals who have a fizzled IVF cycle in the past ought not to make a move as hindrances. However pregnancies are situated up to occur in a considerable lot of these “negative” cases too.

The success rate can be produced when a female who is more seasoned than 43 years, or has a FSH level that is higher than 15 mIU/ ml on a basal cycle day – 3, can be asked to choose egg donation. Truly, this improves the chances of pregnancies a lot.

By the ascent in the quantity of IVF incitement endeavors, the success rate supports simultaneously too. The latest results for the IVF and the egg donation cycles are recorded alongside the cyro-cycle pregnancy rates and the joint pregnancy rate for the current decade. All these components settle on the conceivable regenerative success rate of IVF.

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Surrogacy Success Rate

Talking particularly about surrogacy success rate, at Surrogate Mother Nepal, the same goes up to 90% for the cases handled till date. Not only we offer exclusive services but the rates have also been made affordable so that patients from around the world can be benefited with the same. Besides domestic patients coming to Nepal for surrogacy issues, a number of foreign clients have been seen choosing this destination for getting surrogacy services.

Clinics such as Dr. Neha’s medical establishment have done a lot in the attempt of reducing surrogacy prices. However, the main reason of availability of affordable surrogacy treatment is of course the accessibility of surrogate mothers at a reasonable price.

It is true that the potential of surrogate mothers is truly amazing; however, medical establishment tie up with these resources only after they get an approval that the surrogate mother has been declared fit in medical tests sponsored by medical clinics. It consequently helps offering successful surrogacy success rate.

Factors Affecting Surrogacy Success rate 

  • Cause of infertility
  • Years of Infertility
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Number of embryos transferred (please, note that transferring more embryos at one time improves success rates, but also increases the risk of multiple pregnancies).
  • Using fresh or frozen embryos
  • Sperm quality
  • Response to ovarian stimulation
  • Quality control in the laboratory
  • Skills and competencies of the IVF team

The age of a woman plays an important role in surrogacy success rate. In case the woman is under thirty years of age, the success of the surrogacy elevates. However, we proudly announce the success of surrogacy tried for woman over 40 years of age and we have successful results of the same to show to the clients coming to us. Innovative and leading technology has helped us achieve this success at Surrogate Mother Nepal.

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