We Join Hands with Renowned Hospices to Refer IVF and Surrogacy Clients 

Words, commitments and promises mean a lot to us and thus we fulfill all that we commit. We are the fertility treatment team at Surrogate Mother Nepal offering every possible treatment to patients suffering with infertility issues. We have clients coming from different parts of the world wherein US and USA clients are the ones coming to us.

If you are one of the victims of infertility treatments, we refer IVF and surrogacy clients like you to Surrogate Mother Nepal for a sure short treatment. We also assist these clients to get medical facilities at our office in Nepal besides getting treatment at Surrogate Mother Nepal. To do so, we put our hands forward to partner with doctors and referrals of fertility treatments from the countries where lack of healthy fertility treatments exists. As we do believe to go their countries to treat their infertility issues, or to consult them come Nepal to get treated if treatment is needed for a longer time.

Our aim to refer IVF and surrogacy clients to Surrogate Mother Nepal lies in the thought that they receive the best of the treatments through us to be cured. We the surrogacy and IVF team at Surrogate Mother Nepal have a client base of patients coming from countries such as Africa, Gulf, India, Ethiopia, US, UK, Canada and more.

Our IVF Lab To Refer IVF And Surrogacy Clients

After offering renowned fertility solutions to clients and making them happy with the same, we have pledged to step strong or partner with doctors of foreign countries including Africa, Gulf, India, Ethiopia and others to eradicate every type of infertility concerns. So, this elegant name comes out to set up its clinical program thereon on turnkey basis.

Consultation at Surrogate Mother Nepal for fertility treatment

With a strong presence of renowned doctors and experienced staff, the state-of-art facility at Surrogate Mother Nepal helps a lot to patients to get cured from infertility issues. Having partnership with known and experienced doctors not only from Nepal but from different foreign locations, we are now able to handle smoothly the complex IVF procedures also.

Having partnered with world’s renowned gynecologist and IVF doctors, SM Nepal has an aim to provide world class treatment to infertility cases that are being fetched to the clinic. We have experienced consultants either to solve infertility issues on-site, or to consult them come to its clinic in Nepal to cure of Infertility, if needed.

Clinic Providing Helpful Services To Surrogate Mothers

We are renowned to offer helpful services to surrogates that further help them get over easily from the nine months long surrogacy period.

At Surrogate Mother Nepal, we are fulsome banking of pleasant series of surrogate mothers, and believe to sort out such kind of problems with no wrinkle over the forehead. Only one may need to click at SM Nepal when to consider to having surrogate mothers.

Nursing Care And Care Hospital In Nepal 

We are wholesome banking of fertility treatment centers at Hospitals. So associating with us will not only make you a part of one of the most reputed IVF chains in the country but also assist you grow access to the highly-trained manpower and up-gradation of facilities. We will offer administrative support in the daily running of the hospital.

Our Services At Surrogate Mother Nepal Hospital 

  • Ovum pick up & embryo transfer
  • Embryologists and technical manpower support
  • Quality control protocols for IVF labs
  • Surrogates
  • Ovum donors
  • Turnkey IVF lab
  • Cryo-freezing facilities
  • Professional direction and preparation in fertility treatment
Affordable Fertility Treatments with Us

Get to Know Our Best-in-class Fertility Treatments to cure Your Infertile Issues at ever so Affordable Prices