Your Semen Samples Can Be Shipped To Nepal 

Yes you heard it very correct, you can ship your semen samples directly to our fertility center in Nepal at SM Nepal and can easily get your things done without paying a visit to our clinic. Shipping your semen samples would get easy for you with the exclusive services being offered by us. We use FedEx to ship your samples at our fertility center SM Nepal .

The process on how to ship your semen sample and embryos to Nepal starts as soon as we will facilitate with the center where your specimens are put away and will accomplish it. As soon you are affirmed for our system, we will kick the process started. The transportation expense is $2000 which you have to pay ahead of time. This is comprehensive of Cryogenic-Container rental, delivery charge, and all other expenses and custom clearance.

We arrange with the center, traditions and logistics progressively to guarantee that the transportation procedure is as consistent as could reasonably be expected while giving the most elevated amount of security and security of the semen samples.

The Next Steps:

  1. After you introduce us (over email) with the person concerned at the clinic, we first send our cryo-shipper to the clinic (in 3 working days).
  2. We will also send them all the paper work required for customs and shipping.
  3. The reports of blood-work and sample analysis need to be sent by the clinic along with the container.
  4. They need to charge the container with vapors of liquid nitrogen, place the samples in it and send it by the next working day.
  5. This will reach us in 3 working days.
  • In the event that you don’t have solidified semen tests officially, then the male accomplice needs to give 3 semen discharges more than 3 days, ideally with 2 days of restraint between every accumulation.
  • This can be separated into 6 vials of semen tests. On the off chance that the volume is less, he may need to give more specimens, yet we require no less than 6 vials altogether.
  • You simply need to stop the original liquid. Washing is not needed. The reason for existing is ICSI.
  • If you don’t mind take note of that you will need to pay whatever expenses are relevant for semen gathering and impermanent cryo-protection at the neighborhood center specifically to them.

Safe, Simple And Proven Shipping Techniques

  • At SM Nepal , a separate wing of professionals is there to look for the shipped embryo samples coming to us from different nations.
  • Nepal offers an affordable embryo shipping service and thus you can get your thing done at a small amount of money if compared same with the prices in any foreign destination.
  • SM Nepal will take care of all the things you will require from shipping your samples to know positive news about the same.
  • We will culture your embryos and will take premium care of the surrogate to be inseminated with the embryos.
  • You will only require visiting our center to pick up the baby. We will thoroughly help you to documentation of the baby born through surrogacy for a hassle free visa procedure.
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