Surrogacy for Parents Deliberately Available At Surrogate Mother Nepal 

With its slogan “care to cure” SM Nepal  has proved to be one stop solution for surrogacy for partners.  At SM Nepal infertile parents are given surrogacy facilities for having a baby of their own through surrogacy. Surrogacy is a rewarding attempt for singles, unmarried as well as to married couples if they are wishing a baby through surrogacy. Surrogacy is beneficial for both the parties i.e. for surrogates as per financial arrangements and for intended parents for having their biological innate.

SM Nepal also offers infertility solutions to couples coming from different parts of the world. Surrogacy for partners is only given when all the fertility treatments fail to benefit clients with the same. Nepal has not any strict rules to be followed over surrogacy which offers a chance to couples or singles or gays to practice surrogacy here. Unlike Nepal, surrogacy for partners in countries such as India and US can only be done after following a strict set of rules designed for same.

Surrogacy options at Surrogate Mother Nepal 

  • Surrogacy if understood carefully is a medical facility that can be opted to have a child.
  • There are two types of surrogacy practiced across the globe, namely traditional and gestational surrogacy.
  • Unlike the traditional or genetic procedure, gestational surrogacy is one popular at SM Nepal .
  • This procedure is generally preferred as there is no genetic relation of a surrogate to the child whom she is nurturing.
  • The gestational surrogacy is a process in which the eggs from biological mother and father are fertilized in the lab using in vitro fertilization.
  • The eggs are then transferred to surrogate’s embryo after three to five days after they are matured enough to implant in surrogate mother’s womb.
  • The surrogate then carries a pregnancy as surrogacy for partners and delivers the child as soon as the baby is born. The parental rights of the baby are terminated to intended parents.

Benefits of surrogacy for partners in Nepal

  • Surrogacy in Nepal is available easily for un-married couples, and partners living together. There are no any strict rules to be followed over surrogacy, which offers enough space for couples to practice surrogacy in this suburban area.
  • No legalities to be done with the clinic before proposing the idea of surrogacy. Surrogate Mother Nepal easily offers surrogacy chances to clients most especially to foreign clients coming over for surrogacy in Nepal.
  • Surrogacy facilities are easily available at a number of clinics in Nepal. Surrogate Mother Nepal is one of the most ideal centers to get solutions for surrogacy for parents.
  • The clinic recruits physically healthy females for offering their contribution as surrogates.
  • Choosing a surrogate mother is a responsible job for every health organization and Surrogate Mother Nepal also goes with some strict procedure while choosing surrogates.
  • The organization has always delivered the best results, which in return has made its image as one of the most popular organization offering fertility treatment to foreigners in the beautiful landscape of Nepal.

List of rules for recruiting surrogate at SM Nepal 

A list of these rules comes as stated below:

  • General guidelines say that the women for a surrogate’s role needs not being more than 35 years of age.
  • The women must not be a smoker and must be a graduate, so that she can understand the process well prior to taking the decision of coming into the profession.
  • Organizations do a thorough investigation about the background of a woman prior to accepting her as a surrogate mother.
  • The woman also requires going under a medical examination to make sure she is physically fit for the intended job.
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At SM Nepal Center we believe in a holistic approach towards fertility and offer multiple options to couples to achieve parenthood