best fertility clinic in kathmandu

Best fertility clinic in Kathmandu

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Best fertility clinic in Kathmandu: A fertility clinic is where infertile patients treat and have a chance to take home a biological child. In infertility clinics, various treatments are available according to the needs of patients. The reputed clinics have branches worldwide. The fertility clinics have doctors, specialists, assistants and a team of medical staff. The clinics have different costs for different treatments. The clinics offer many modern facilities. The top clinics have high ratings and good feedback from successful patients. Best fertility clinic means high chances of success. 

Why choose SMN for fertility treatment in Nepal?

Fertility treatment in Nepal is the best. It is necessary for many infertility issues. So, these can treat. And you can achieve top pregnancy results. Many methods are available. These help with various issues. Also, many advanced approaches are available. These perform with advanced technologies. You can have them as per the conditions. So, your conception chances can increase. For it, you need the best fertility centre in Nepal. As you can have SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL. Because:

  • Top-notch technologies for every treatment
  • Highly experienced doctors with high expertise
  • Top-educated gynaecologist in Nepal
  • Affordable charges with packages
  • Latest fertility treatments in Nepal
  • High success rates in top methods
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  • Or book your appointment: +977-9808978369

How to choose the best fertility clinic in Kathmandu?

For better results, choosing the best fertility clinic is prominent. The qualities that make a clinic best:

  • The experience of doctors and specialists. From how much time they are performing the treatments.
  • The number of treatments offered by the clinic to infertile patients. Infertility treatments to treat women infertility and to treat male infertility. 
  • The infrastructure of the clinic attracts more patients in the form of facilities and reliefs.
  • The cost of the treatments offered by the clinic. People are usually attracted to the lower treatment costs.
  • The success rates attract the patients as it has high chances to offer success. 
  • The period that the procedure of treatments take affects the clinic reputation
  • The facilities and techniques the clinic offers show the modernity of the clinic.
  • The spread of the clinic in the country and outside the country is justified by the number of branches. 

The following are the fertility treatment success rates in Nepal:

Treatments Success rates %
IUI 45% to 50%
IVF 55% to 60%
IVF with donor eggs 70% to 75%
IVF with donor sperm 66% to 72%
FET 65% to 70%
LAH 67% to 71%
ICSI 56% to 62%

Your fertility treatment in Nepal’s success rate depends on many factors. As it does not specify by the expert. Because, it depends on various aspects. For top results, the couple’s health and fertility are the main concerns. Your age and fitness are necessary. These can affect the success rate. The process can impact by these factors.


The status of any fertility clinic in Kathmandu depends on many components. The components attract the patients towards the clinic for better treatment and more possibilities of taking the child home. 

The best clinics in Kathmandu are:


1-SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL Best fertility clinic in Kathmandu

The clinic has a high success rate in infertility treatments. It is because they have known treatments with advanced facilities. The clinic is known for IVF, IUI and many more. The clinic provides donor eggs and sperm at reliable prices.

They aspire to many infertile couples with the joy of parenthood and a baby. Through IVF, they have helped in the dreams of patients to become parents of a healthy child. The clinic has the best fertility doctors in Nepal. It is the best fertility solution in Nepal.The centre has the best fertility doctor in Nepal.

2-FERTILITY CENTRE NEPAL Best fertility clinic in Kathmandu

The clinic is a reputed best IVF centre in Kathmandu. The fertility clinic is the best in Kathmandu that offers many types of fertility treatments and testing. 

The cost of infertility treatments in the clinic is reasonable to have costs affecting packages and services. The clinic has lower IVF costs in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The clinic provides highly experienced specialists and doctors. The success rates are better in the clinic than others as many patients have their dream child from the clinic in Kathmandu.

3-SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL Best fertility clinic in Kathmandu

The clinic is well known for infertility treatments in Kathmandu. The clinic offers affordable IVF costs in Nepal. The doctors and experts of the clinic are highly experienced and well educated. The clinic has well-equipped techniques for preceding treatments. The clinic provides a variety of testing that is most trusted and secure. The IVF cost in Nepal of the treatments in the clinic is in the pocket of patients. 

4-WE CARE IVF Best fertility clinic in Kathmandu:

The clinic provides free consultancy to infertile patients to make the procedure less risky for patients and doctors. The doctors and specialists in the clinic have more than thirty years of experience in the treatments and fields.

They provide modern and advanced facilities and technologies during the treatments. The clinic offers multiple packages to the patients so that anyone can have the treatment without any pressure. They offer an installment facility for expensive treatment also. They try to focus on the root cause of the infertility of the patient.

5-SELECT IVF Best fertility clinic in Kathmandu

SELECT IVF is the best medical tourism company. Under the company, many top fertility hospitals and clinics list up. The hospitals under the company have a highly experienced staff of doctors and experts. They try to provide treatments at lower prices so that it does not affect the pocket of patients. They have awards in excellence for the medical team that provides infertility treatments.

Infertility treatments available in Kathmandu

The best fertility clinics in Kathmandu offer plenty of treatments. The treatments they provide with advanced methods and modern technologies. They have high success rates of the treatments. 

The treatments are:


It is the most famous treatment for infertility. The treatments help to treat many conditions of men and women. In IVF treatment, the eggs and sperm of patients inseminate outside the body and then fertilize egg implants in the womb. The IVF treatment has the highest success rate of ivf in Nepal.


IUI treatment helps treat men infertility as the healthy sperm directly placed by the doctors in the woman’s uterus. The treatment helps to reach sperm to the eggs directly without facing any barrier. IUI treatment has higher success rates in the male factor infertility situation. 


In the ICSI treatment, the single sperm injects into the egg. It makes the fertilization process an easy step. The treatment performs with IVF to increase the success rates of conceiving.


  • Laser hatching: it helps the embryo to attach to the wall of the uterus. The process, by making a hole in the outer layer of the fertilized egg. 
  • Donor eggs and sperm: The donor sperm recommends to men conditions like cannot produce sperm. The donor sperm has high success rates.

Women with no eggs or low-quality eggs are advised for donor eggs for better results. 

  • Surgical sperm aspiration: it is an advanced technique to collect sperm from the reproductive tract of men.      
  • The treatments and diagnosis as hysteroscopy, karyotyping testing etc.  

How does SMN the best for fertility treatment in Nepal?

Infertility issues are severe. It creates many problems in their health. So, you may face difficulty in having the best method. Thus, SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best to choose from. It can help in having the top place. Also, your pregnancy chances will increase. Because, you can have various facilities. Such as:

  • Top services and assistance in one place
  • Highly experienced experts in treatments
  • Various approaches for different issues
  • Highly developed infrastructure
  • Suitable charges for every treatment
  • Many fertility treatments in Nepal
  • Mail us:
  • Or book your appointment: +977-9808978369


What are fertility treatments?

Many fertility treatments are available. These help in treating the issues. And the couple can achieve their pregnancy results. You can have the best method. As these are for male and female infertility problems. You can choose from surgical, non-surgical, or less invasive processes. It helps in having a successful pregnancy. Because the problem will remove. And many assisted reproductive techniques are present. These perform for the couple’s gametes fertilization. It has top-notch technologies. And the couple gets the top outcome. Many infertility conditions can manage within the process. Also, the couple can have various other approaches. It helps in better results.

How does female infertility cause the problem?

Female infertility cannot relate to one problem. Because it affects the entire pregnancy. Your process needs healthy eggs, a uterus, and female fitness. As any problem will impact the results. Thus, your pregnancy chances will decrease. Many women have uterus issues. Since, the uterus lining has any abnormal growth like fibroids. Or the uterine lining is growing on other parts. It is endometriosis. And it causes many issues. Some women have poor egg issues. It causes problems in fertilization. As no fertilized eggs will form. And the female cannot conceive. Female health is crucial. Because of severe health issues, females face problems. And the pregnancy will not happen.

Is female infertility more extreme than male infertility issues?

Well, both infertilities are extreme in their basis. But female infertility conditions highly affect pregnancy. Since, male infertility deals with sperm health. And female fertility has eggs, a uterus, and female health. Any part problem will affect pregnancy. A successful pregnancy only needs healthy sperm from the male. But it needs high fitness from the female. As it needs a fit uterus. The uterine lining must be healthy. It does not have any abnormal growth. Also, the female eggs have high quality. Your ovaries produce more eggs. Then, you do not have any extreme health issues. 

What are treatments for female infertility?

Many surgical and non-surgical methods are present. These help with various female infertility issues. And the female can conceive a healthy child. You can choose the method as per the problems. As if you have an egg problem, the top process is available. It depends on your egg’s issue level. Because the no eggs means you need donor eggs. Or some poor eggs can manage with ovulation Induction. Then, any blockage or issue can treat with surgery. It helps in removing the problem. Lastly, you have ARTs methods. These perform for the pregnancy results.

Why does female health consider the most?

Female health is necessary for pregnancy. Because the woman will carry to deliver the baby. And, any health issue can affect you. Since, some women have obesity or other health problems. It causes problems in their pregnancy result. The fit woman at a younger age has a high chance. As she can conceive the baby. It also affects the reproductive organs’ health. Because the female cannot produce healthy eggs. Advanced-age women have poor chances. Because their fertility status will deprive. And it causes the issue in pregnancy outcomes.

Why IVF is expensive?

IVF treatment has many stages. It needs advanced observations. As the experienced doctor performs. Moreover, they use top-notch technologies. Also, the IVF stages can change as per issues. Because many advanced methods are available. These help in having a successful pregnancy. The fertilization needs high alertness. It makes IVF expensive. Still, it is much more suitable in developing nations. Because many couples in developed countries cannot afford it. As it is much higher for them. With it, your process also includes the clinic charges. Every centre has different prices. It depends on their services and benefits.

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