Looking for IVF treatment in Nepal

Looking for IVF treatment in Nepal? Know where to start

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As the technology is growing at a faster pace so as to increase the ways and techniques in order to bring the desired results for every sector of the society and also for every desired need of the society, the technology brings the inventions and similarly for the childless couples who don’t have their own child even after so many years of their marriage and even after planning the child of their own they are not able to succeed in the better and positive result orientation in the form of the child.


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So for such couples, technology brings out the way that is becoming more effective day by day and may brings out the desirable results that the couple may acquire through such technique and the technique to be known as artificial technique for the treatment of infertility in the form of IVF. As the artificial technique should be increased in such an aspect that the couple who are planning for such should attain successful results that the results should be obtained in the way that works in the long run rather than in short run and may helps in the achievement of the desirable results that the couple needs.

Artificial insemination’s should be best described through the treatment of IVF which gives maximum results that the couple can able to avail such results which is being delivered  at the doorstep of the  childless couples in the form of the child and the happiness for the married couples.

And the artificial insemination’s should be defined to those couples who are facing the relative issues of infertility as the infertility should be defined by their fertility experts after proper analysis and the test of both the partners and infertility can be identified by the childless couples in case the couple is not able to deliver the qualified results as couple is planning to have the child but even after one year of unprotected intercourse the couple is not able to get the results as the female partner in the couple is not able to conceive and which is clearly defined that the couple is facing the issues of infertility as infertility issues may be present within the male partner or in the female partner and it is to be defined by the fertility experts only after properly analyzing the reports of both the partners.

For knowing more about the fertility treatment relative with IVF, we should first understand the meaning of IVF treatment that actually what IVF treatment is all about?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment is the treatment which is done so as to provide the artificial insemination to owe the baby also known as test tube baby in which 2 components are required that means one is the male partner’s sperms and the other one is female partner’s eggs, the components can be used even of the donor as well but in most of the cases intended parents components can be used for completion of the process.

After taking both the components out of the human body and then placed both the components in the laboratory dish and after that mix the components well in the laboratory dish and in the same dish fertilize both of the components well so as to form embryos, after the formation of the embryos the formed embryos are placed in the female’s uterus so as to get the pregnancy using such embryos that is transferred in the female’s uterus after 5 days when the embryos reached its blastocyst stage.

Now to understand that what generally the steps are that is involved in process of IVF treatment for more clarity relative to the treatment using artificial insemination’s:-

  • Step 1- First day of starting the periods

Injections and medications should be started prior to the treatment of IVF procedure as the IVF should be done using the medications and injections and for that the female partner’s body whose eggs are used for the fertilization using artificial technique should be trained in the manner that the eggs are getting double in number and may be fertilizes well after using the injections and medications the more quantitative and qualitative eggs are produced that are helping in the formation of embryos as the quality and quantity varies in the natural reproduction method.

  • Step 2- Stimulation of ovaries

The next step for the IVF treatment procedure involves stimulation of ovaries that means the ovaries should be stimulated so as to acquire the prominent eggs that is needed in the fertilization procedure to be completed with much more efficiency.

Ovaries should be stimulated and once reached at the stimulated stage so as to pertains the effective results that is obtained after completion of such a procedure that the ovulation should be done in an effective form that certainly increased the production of eggs and also the most prominent eggs that contains both formations like the quality and the quantity should be present in such eggs that are attained after the process of injections and medications to be done well.

Through such stimulation’s when the ovaries produce 1 to 2 eggs per cycle after such stimulation’s the ovaries of the female may certainly produce 8 to 14 eggs per cycle that may increase the numbers up to 5 times that is to be 5 times more efficient eggs should be produced after that.

  • Step 3- Egg Retrieval stage

After complete evaluation of the eggs, the fertility experts should be required to retrieve eggs out of the female body (ovaries) and for such retrieval a female partner may require the most efficient and qualified eggs that may be necessarily helping the females eggs and males sperms fertilization to be completed as with such procedure only one egg should played a vital role in the fertilization procedure as one sperm is enough for fertilizing of one egg.

As the best and the qualified eggs should be used by their fertility experts to complete the fertilization procedure further that may ascertains the definite procedure for the effective persistence to be done in an accurate format that brings the maximum result oriented eggs as eggs should be fine enough in the formation of embryos of sound quality that is helpful in result attainment done with artificial insemination as transferring of embryos should be 100% effective resultant form in the transferring of such formed embryos.

  • Step 4 – The extraction of the sperm

Sperm extraction should be the another step of the treatment to be done with IVF that is with the artificial insemination’s to be completed that the sperm may be either directly taken from the reproductive part of the male may be intended father or the sperm donor after taking the sperm, the semen sample should be taken by the fertility experts for further identification of the quality of the sperms.

The identification is being done so as to clarify that the extracted sperms should be as per the required quality that is desired by the fertility experts in making the procedure of artificial insemination’s to be done in a most accomplished format for obtaining the child using the artificial technique to get the successful results. 

  • Step 5 – Fertilization process

Fertilization process should be done in an effective form that may attain the desirable results through the fertilization procedure to be done through the fertilization of eggs and sperms out of the female body. And the only difference in artificial fertilization procedure and the natural fertilization procedure is that in artificial fertilization procedure, the eggs should be fertilized by the sperms outside the female body that is in the laboratory dish and the other process that is in the natural reproduction procedure, the eggs should be fertilized inside the female’s body that is the eggs are fertilized in the fallopian tubes of the female partner as having in contact with the sperms of the male partner.

  • Step 6 – Embryos development stage (Blastocyst stage)

In this stage, the treatment of IVF is to be done so as to get the embryos to be grown well in the laboratory dish for mere about 5 days and this stage is also known as the blastocyst stage where the embryos are being grown enough and are ready to transfer in the intended mother’s uterus so as to form the child.

In some of the cases, it is generally seen that the embryos should be transferred before reaching the stage of blastocyst that is in 3 or 4 days grown embryos should also be transferred in some of the cases as well when they are ready to transferred.

  • Step 7 – Embryos transferring stage

Embryos should be transferred once the proper growth and development of the embryos should be done and the embryos should be transferred to the uterus of the female that is the intended mother of the baby. The baby should be formed out of the well matured embryos that are formed out of the components that must be used in the fertilization process and also in the formation of embryos.

The enough matured embryos should be used for further transferring procedure that the embryos should be transferred to the uterus of the female so as to attain the successful results in the form of the baby after testing for the same in a week or two.

  • Step 8 – Blood test conducted

After the most prominent transferring of embryos in the female’s uterus procedure should be completed than the blood test should be conducted by their fertility experts so as to process the formulations that may acquire the best treatment as in case the success treatment of IVF leads blood tests to be done positive or in case the IVF treatment is not succeeded than the blood tests should be negative.

But in most of the cases, it is to be seen that the treatment relative with IVF should be mostly throwing the successful results as the success rate must be obtained at the fertility clinic merely about 80% and in some of the cases, it is to be seen that the treatment should be somehow depending up on the experience of the fertility experts and the relative team members.

  • Step 9 – Pregnancy test

After further processing of all the above steps for conducting the treatment of IVF, the IVF treatment should be done in an effective form that may deliver the successful results that is to be undermined with the pregnancy process that in case the results (pregnancy results) are positive than the treatment of IVF should be done in an effective way and in case the treatment is to be done in an effective way but the results should not be delivered well than the treatment should be recycled again as in case the components are not effective that may further affects the results of the treatment than the treatment should be done again using the components of the donor for obtaining the best and successful results.

How we are the best in Nepal?

SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is the best IVF centre in Nepal. You can have the top method for pregnancy. We have many advanced facilities. Such as:

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What to focus on during my IVF treatment?

IVF includes several stages. It helps in successful pregnancy outcomes. You can have the best method. As many sterility issues can manage. With advanced approaches, IVF provides top results. Also, IVF has top results than any other method. During the IVF process, you need to focus on certain things. First, IVF needs healthy eggs and sperm. So, your eggs and sperm have top health. Then, the couple must have high fitness. Any addiction or health issue will cause the problem. And your conception chances will decrease. Lastly, you have to pick the best process. It depends on your conditions. And your expert can also recommend the best one.

Why choose the best IVF process?

IVF is much better than any other process. Because it involves the top method. Also, any other procedure can include. And it increases pregnancy chances. You can have treatment as per issues. It also has advanced technologies. So, you can conceive the baby. The best IVF process is necessary to choose. Because IVF is not the same for every couple. It depends on various factors. Some couples can conceive with a single IVF. But many face problems during pregnancy. Because of their extreme infertility issues. So, you need the best method with top help.

How does IVF more successful than other methods?

IVF treatment has the top process. It helps in better pregnancy results. Many infertility issues can manage with the method. And the couple can have the best process as per their problems. You can have a successful result. Also, the baby will have genetic relations. And IVF is the only method that can include different procedures. No other treatment can have another process. Because, the IVF process has advanced stages. Many top-notch methods help in pregnancy. And you can conceive the baby. So, IVF is much more successful than other methods. It is the best ART process. And you can choose for top pregnancy outcome.

Is my IVF success guaranteed?

Well, the IVF process, success, or cost is not the same for everyone. Because it depends on various factors. Some couples with top health and gametes have a high chance. But couples with severe issues face problems. It affects their conception chances. And IVF success can never be guaranteed. With it, you can have top IVF success. It is possible with the best IVF centre. They have top procedures and methods. So, your conception chances will increase. Also, they use top-notch technologies. These help in a better process. Moreover, the fertility doctor can help. Because their high qualifications and expertise provide top methods. And you can conceive the baby.

What is the IVF method in brief?

The IVF process includes top stages. It performs with advanced technologies. And in the experienced doctors’ observation. Your conception chances are much higher. Because it has the best process. First, a couple’s issues confirm and test. The medical examinations help. Then, the female eggs will increase with the medications. It releases inside the uterus from the vagina. And your eggs will collect. The expert uses advanced technologies. As the catheter and ultrasound. These inserts into the female uterus. And a needle helps in collecting the egg. With it, the male partner’s sperm will collect. Then, your expert will fertilize the gametes. After it, the top fertilized eggs will implant inside the female uterus.

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