IVF treatment with egg donor in Nepal:

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Why Nepal for IVF with an egg donor?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is well-known therapy for infertility issues. It is an assisted reproductive conception approach that helps in partners infertility problems. IVF is the fertilization process that performs outside the body. In a laboratory (In Vitro), the eggs and sperm of a couple retrieve and fertilize on a test tube. IVF is also known as the test tube baby treatment requires in the partners’ pregnancy.

Infertility is a problem affecting many people lives. It causes their lives miserable by not providing an opportunity of becoming parents naturally. Many people feel unworthy because of their infertility but, several treatments are available to assist them. They still have a chance to become parents with their biological babies.  

For successful results, the eggs and sperm should have health conditions. Nepal is the top nation for infertility treatments such as IVF at a fair price. The sperm and egg donor in Nepal are available for the best results of IVF. Egg donor cost in Nepal is affordable than in other countries.

Your expert will recommend IVF with egg donor in Nepal in the following problems:-

  • Female without ovaries:- Some women do not have ovaries and eggs because of congenital anomalies. Sometimes, it is due to a genetic disorder or any surgery that remove the ovaries.  
  • Irregular ovulation:- females with abnormal menstruation have poor ovulation that affects the quality and quantity of the eggs and cause infertility.
  • Advanced age:- many women cannot become pregnant because of higher age. It affects the fertility of a person by causing poor eggs health.
  • Menopause:- females in early or premature menopause produce eggs but have poor quality and quantity that have few results.
  • Failure:- If your previous IVF treatments fail to provide results, your expert will suggest donor eggs with treatment to have a successful conception.
  • Genetic disease:- Few females have a high risk of genetic disorder that can pass on to the child. It can control using donor eggs taken from a young and healthy woman.

What is the IVF with donor eggs process in Nepal?

The IVF treatment with donor eggs provides successful results in severe female infertility. In its process, your expert will use the eggs of a healthy woman. The egg donor in Kathmandu is highly currently to have a successful pregnancy. IVF performs with the latest technology and the assistance of experienced experts. Both the eggs and sperm collected from the bodies in the lab. The fertility medicines assist the procedure in having the best results. Following is the step by step procedure:-

  1. You will select for donor egg after your expert advice. You can choose a donor yourself or, the process will be anonymous. The expert will screen the donor through blood tests and ultrasound. Both partners will evaluate by the expert to know the condition.
  2. Your expert will recommend fertility medications to the donor. It will increase the eggs production of ovaries and help them release in the uterus. Similarly, the female partner uterus will prepare with the hormonal medications. With it, the expert will retrieve the eggs from donor ovaries. A catheter will insert into her uterus through the vagina. Then a needle will collect it inside from the eggs follicles.
  3. The male sperm will collect and prepare for fertilization. It will wash and separate the healthy sperm from the semen sample.
  4. Your expert will take donor eggs and sperm on a Petri plate. It will help sperm movement and attachment to the eggs to penetrate and fertilize them. If the eggs are frozen, ICSI can use (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). It will accomplish by injecting single healthy sperm directly into the eggs.
  5. Your fertilized eggs will form embryos in a few days. It will monitor and choose highly developed fertilized eggs to implant into the uterus. Your expert will use the catheter that is insert into the female uterus. It will transfer the eggs into the female uterus for a successful process.
  6. After two weeks, a blood test will confirm the pregnancy of partners.

What is the IVF cost with egg donor in Nepal?

The egg donor cost in Nepal is affordable than in developed nations. IVF with donor egg is an appropriate process in Nepal compared to the U.S and the U.S.A. 

The IVF cost in Nepal ranges from NPR 3,40,000. It will increase through various approaches. The egg donor price in Nepal starts from NPR 1,50,000.

In Nepal, the entire cost of IVF with an egg donor starts at NPR 4,80,000. It will increase with other approaches in Nepal with treatment.

The following is the IVF cost of egg donor in Nepal affecting factors in Nepal:-

  • The ICSI treatment will include in the total cost of your conception procedure
  • Donor sperm will recommend for IVF patients with poor sperm quality.
  • The destination of treatment ass different centres has their charges
  • The reputed clinics with experienced and best experts have a high price.
  • If you are travelling from another country will require other charges.

Why select the SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL clinic in Nepal?

The SURROGATE MOTHER NEPAL is a well-known clinic for IVF and other fertility processes. All treatments accomplish through the top experienced experts of the centre.

 They provide affordable egg donor price in Nepal.

They have fair treatments costs as they believe every person should become a parent and live life happily. Patients come to it because of the transparency of processes and treatment expenses. They use the latest and up to date technologies for every infertility treatment. They focus on patients’ comfort and high satisfaction through their journeys. They have treatment packages to provide the best approaches as per conditions. All the methods have helped many people to become parents successfully. It has a high egg donor success rate in Nepal.

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